Reservations now open for new Rivers of Light Dessert Party

Jul 17, 2018 in "Rivers of Light"

Posted: Tuesday July 17, 2018 9:05am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Reservations have opened today for a new Rivers of Light Dessert Party at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

You’ll start by checking in 60 minutes prior to the main show (8:15pm for a 9:15pm show) at the Rivers of Light Asia Viewing Area Terrace located across from Expedition Everest. On offer will be a buffet of house-made desserts, snacks, specialty alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, iced tea, lemonade, and water.

When the show is about to start, you will head down to the VIP Seating Area for a viewing of Rivers of Light.

The Rivers of Light Dessert Party will take place on select nights starting on Monday, August 6, 2018. Starting today you can make reservations by visiting the Walt Disney World Website or call 407 WDW-DINE (407 939-3463). Price is $79 for adults and $47 for children including tax.

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FigmentForver96Jul 19, 2018

I would do this in a heartbeat. ROL is absolutely charming and something one has to appreciate in person. I can't believe I'm saying I would do this...but I would.

Prototype82Jul 19, 2018

Loving this show intensely is the only thing that is actually intriguing me to check out one of these silly little dessert parties to begin with. Honestly, I'd rather have another Tiffin's Talk event. That was amazingly well worth what we paid for.

NottamusJul 19, 2018

My wife and I tried to watch it once...broke down mid show....they reset the whole thing, and wouldn't you broke down mid show again. They just cancelled at that point. We waited until the next trip to finally see it. I thought it was fine. For us, just like Fantasmic, it was a one and done. Not for us. Must be for 'someone' though because those (super comfortable) seats are always full to the max...or close to it. I predict the dessert party will be full too.

monothingieJul 18, 2018

You don't like to try new things?

larryzJul 18, 2018

Again with the hairy ice cream bar...

monothingieJul 18, 2018

They could but it would have to be ewok sized.

larryzJul 18, 2018

But who wants to bite into a hairy ice cream bar?

ToTBellHopJul 18, 2018

If they can't invent a Wookiee Premium Bar, something is very wrong.

monothingieJul 18, 2018

They’ll give you Mickey Bar so it will make up for it.

ToTBellHopJul 18, 2018

I'm sure the Galaxy's Edge one will be $499...

dreamfinderJul 18, 2018

Yeah, it was more triple the price point than double.

Biff215Jul 18, 2018

Other than $79/adult, you’re absolutely right. ;)

I am TimmyJul 18, 2018

I agree with the Osborne Lights dessert party, we were lucky enough to go the first night (got our cool osborne light blankets, too). Don't actually do dessert parties. This one, however, meant a great deal to us since it was the last year, and we got to sit under the lights unencumbered (outside the dessert area it was literally nuts to butts) until after park closing. We didn't even care about the desserts (we ate a few, not big sweets fans). We felt the experience was worth it. So special. RoL? Not so much.

HwdStudioJul 18, 2018

I’m not sure about the snacks but you can request sugar free desserts. I’ve seen it served in a box like a boxed lunch or on a plate. I think they have allergy options as well.