Extensive electrical upgrades coming to Epcot's World Showcase Lagoon ahead of new nighttime show

Jul 25, 2018 in "IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth"

Posted: Wednesday July 25, 2018 2:09pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Reedy Creek Improvement District approved extensive electrical upgrades to Epcot's World Showcase Lagoon in a meeting held earlier today.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that the electrical work will cost over $2 million and will involve drilling a pipe from the South side of the lagoon onto one of the lagoon islands.

If you've been following the thread on our forums, you will be well aware that plans are moving forward on replacing the long-running Illuminations: Reflections of Earth nighttime spectacular, although the exact nature of the show remains unclear.

News of this work would suggest that a significant change will be made to the show's infrastructure and hardware. Reflections of Earth currently uses a series of water-based barges and permanent fixtures on the lagoon's islands and buildings throughout World Showcase.

Speculation continues to swirl around that the new show will be making use of drone technology, which Disney has been developing for several years.

Disney is yet to make any official comment or announcement on any new show for Epcot.

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MouseBraydenNov 25, 2018

I believe they’re nighttime parade-style water floats with LED screens. Unlike the globe there will be a bunch of them spread out around the lagoon, offering better viewing angles than previously. Lighting was installed for these specific show elements over the summer.

peter11435Nov 25, 2018

I believe (hope) those are LED panels.

Cesar R MNov 25, 2018

Why three caballeros? to push the animation show?

Cesar R MNov 25, 2018

are those, water canons like Rivers of Light?

MisterPenguinNov 22, 2018

It has the added bonus of traumatizing people, which imprints memories, so, it's a life-lesson!!

Kman101Nov 22, 2018

I do too. Now the current teens and early 20 somethings? Anywho ... but they've yet to make it clear they know what they want Epcot to be besides IP everywhere, which somehow makes it more timeless, family friendly, classic Disney ... so it's a lot of lip service. They seem to have zero idea what they want Future World/Epcot or even Tomorrowland to be. And if they know, I'd like them to express it instead of the vague concept art, the vague promises ...

Magic FeatherNov 22, 2018

Is it bad that my current standard for a decent implementation of Disney IP with Educational Values is “It’s Tough to Be a Bug”? I fail to think of a better example with the potential exception of Wild About Safety.

hpyhnt 1000Nov 21, 2018

Not gonna lie, was really nice to hear about the show and helps alleviate some "worst fears." At least this won't be a complete IP fest with the direct movie soundtracks blaring across the lagoon. Here's hoping those global theme tie-ins get stronger and not weaker as the show develops. I wonder how much consideration (if any) the audience reaction to Epcot Forever might have in the direction of this show. I know it wouldn't amount to wholesale changes, but if EF gets rave reviews, coupled with the high praise RoE received over the years, I'd think there's at least a possibility that could influence the final cut of the show. I do have high hopes that the tech for these new shows will be stellar. And hopefully a new lighting package is installed for each pavilion. At minimum, can we finally get full LED spot lights, more syncrolights, and outline Norway in rim lighting? Absolutely this is true. I'd say the closest they've come has been with the Three Caballeros in Gran Fiesta Tour. Circle of Life at The Land was fine too. The worst for me was/is the loss of The Living Seas because it was such a missed opportunity. The current Finding Nemo nonsense is complete rubbish. There's so many ways to tastefully incorporate that IP into a pavilion about the ocean while keeping its original theme of exploration and technology. Instead, they slap on a coat of blue paint and shove in a mediocre Fantasyland dark ride and call it a day. Just complete idiocy all around.

jt04Nov 21, 2018

You have to get in the door first. Brayden is the real deal. It would be great to see him work for Disney.

RSoxNo1Nov 21, 2018

"If you ever want to compromise your ideas in favor of towing the corporate line, be careful."

RSoxNo1Nov 21, 2018

I have faith in the youth of America.

MisterPenguinNov 21, 2018

It'll be like the sun when it finally cools down. And expands. And consumes all life on earth.

Kman101Nov 21, 2018

That's the problem for me. They fail to execute it correctly. Not even just entertainment, but the attractions. I think they can blend the two (not that many purists will ever like it though) but they haven't done a very good job at it yet so I totally understand the skepticism. I think we all have it concerning Epcot. Their history speaks for itself. It's hard for many to accept Epcot with IP/characters because the implementation has been so poor -- which is just one of the reasons, there's many different reasons (I know that's not the only reason; Epcot wasn't originally meant to have characters, I absolutely know that of course). I disagree with those who don't think both can exist in the same park (now *should they* is a whole other "argument" lol and I agree with those who'd like a mostly IP free Epcot, but it's clear they have no desire to do that so I'm trying to find the best of both and maybe you just can't blend the two but I think you could). They just haven't done a very good job at it.

Kman101Nov 21, 2018

lol. I'm so trying to talk myself into them doing this right (as "right" as you can with showcasing Disney music and characters on screens). I don't love IP is their go-to but there could be a clever way. I just don't think they're very clever anymore (though they think they are; look how many think it's just delightful Rocket in Mission Breakout refers to Disneyland but it's basically just telling us how ill-fitting it actually is).