PHOTOS - Work continues in the World Showcase Lagoon for new Epcot nighttime spectaculars

Feb 19, 2019 in "IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth"

Epcot future firework show island construction

These latest photos show some extensive work taking place in the World Showcase Lagoon ahead of the new nighttime spectaculars set to debut over the next few years at Epcot.

Pictured above, work on the island near to China is continuing, with construction barges still in place.

Over on the island near to Japan, work is underway on adding a building, along with other additions.

Out in the lagoon itself, a number of new pilings are visible.

Disney's new Illuminations replacement show will debut in 2020.

The unnamed new nighttime spectacular will celebrate how Disney music inspires people around the world, and will feature massive floating set pieces, custom-built LED panels, choreographed moving fountains, lights, pyrotechnics and lasers.

Before that new show begins, there will be a limited-time experience, called "Epcot Forever," which will debut in fall 2019 and will feature classic Epcot tunes. 

"Epcot Forever" will begin with a spark of imagination that swells into an epic spectacle of fireworks, music, lighting, lasers, and special effects kites.

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Article Posted: Feb 19, 2019 / 11:00am ET
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raymusiccity2 hours ago

jrhwdw9 hours ago

THIS IS WONDERFUL!!!! Feels almost like normal! Watching a Stream, fireworks over WSL This is great! Testing is going like I thought, pyro every 1-5 min. Disney can't waste pyro we know but I wouldn't mind this once a Week? Month? maybe until shows can return?

jrhwdw9 hours ago

That's what I'm doing!

DCBaker9 hours ago

You can see some of the testing on this live stream -

DCBaker10 hours ago

Magic Feather12 hours ago

Most people saying Boardwalk, but I think that area will be patrolled heavily. I doubt they’d let crowds build up there. Safest bet would be high level, Epcot facing room at Riviera.

olie6416 hours ago

they aren't bad if caught smaller in cold water in early spring...Cold water which florida is not.

Sirwalterraleigh16 hours ago

...I hooked a mackeral there once... Turns out it was discarded from flying fish after a failed culinary experiment 😉

Captain Barbossa17 hours ago

And even if it wasn’t catch & release, it’s bass, and while they aren’t the worst eatin’ fish, they’re not the greatest either.

Sirwalterraleigh17 hours ago

Good point...though there is some lock control mechanisms under the France bridge out of view. They have cleaned that up periodically...i’m Not making them a “villian”...just times have changed. Remember it’s “catch and release” all over property including crescent lake...with good reason. 😉

techgeek17 hours ago

My theory is that RoE’s retirement basically triggered 2020. Disney always likes to start their ‘celebrations’ a few months early, so one could say 2020 actually ‘began’ on 10/1/19... from a certain point of view.

Sirwalterraleigh17 hours ago

Remember that wdw was a phosphate poisoned fertilizer farm prior to 1964... The only reason it wasn’t an epa brownfield was because superfund wasn’t passed until 1973. So in that’s far “better” than before. Disney used to do great they do “premium experiences” 🙄 like throwing everyone out of magic kingdom at 6 pm and charging $120 to let you back in at 6:05 😂

MisterPenguin17 hours ago

And people fish in the crescent lake water which connects to the lagoon. Hasn't killed off the fish. Tho, I wouldn't eat one.

mnelson317 hours ago

You would think they would be required to clean it, somehow.