July 4 show report

Jul 08, 2000 in "IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth"

Posted: Saturday July 8, 2000 by WDWMAGIC Staff
As rumored, the perimeters were not used. This was because when they were planning the show, the drought threat was real. So they decided that rather than cancel the fireworks as before, they placed 5 (by my count, might have been more) extra small barges in the lagoon, along with the WWIII barge and a launcher on one of the islands.

After the regular show, the female announcer said something to the effect of we hope you have enjoyed Reflections of Earth, and now we  present a special finale to celebrate the first 4th of July of the new
millennium. Then they play the Golden Dream theme from American Adventure, with pyro going off. Also, I think that the Mexico/Canada/USA laser were projecting images, although my angle forbade me a good view.

After this portion, an announcer introduces Sandy Patty to sing the National Anthem and her own special additions. All this is set to mass pyro from the mini barges. I didn't see that much off the WWIII barge
though, maybe b/c of my angle. Plenty of lasers were used throughout the whole time. Finally, that's done, there's a special thank you, and Promise plays, with the American Adventure's outline lights on.

Throughout this whole time, the globe keeps on spinning. The flames are extinguished and relit several times which really makes a neat effect.