IllumiNations Dining Package coming to Epcot later this month

Jan 08, 2019 in "IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth"

Posted: Tuesday January 8, 2019 1:48pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

A new IllumiNations Dining Package is coming to Epcot as the Reflections of Earth show enters its final year.

Reservations open January 17 for seating from January 18 2019 at the United Kingdom's Rose & Crown. Priced at $85 for adults (including tax and gratuity), and $35 for children, package includes seating on the lagoon-side patio from 8pm, a three-course prix fixe menu and a view of IllumiNations.

The menu features a selection of Rose & Crown favorites—as well as a selection of unlimited non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages for Guests ages 21 and older. Scotch Eggs, Fish and Chips, and a Pudding Platter trio featuring Sticky Toffee Pudding, English Trifle, and Chocolate Nougat Bar for dessert will all be on offer.

Reservations can be made online or via 407-WDW-DINE. Separate Epcot admission is also required.

Disney has not yet announced a closing date for the current Reflections of Earth show beyond "the end of summer 2019." The show will be replaced with Epcot Forever.

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docdebbiFeb 14, 2019


stuartFeb 14, 2019

Those dining inside will still get taken out and down to the bottom of the path into the beer garden as they always have. However, yes, that the upper deck will be have enough space to move people to in the event of inclement weather. The booking system will have fewer tables loaded into it to manage this so normal punters will be sat inside after a certain time.

docdebbiFeb 13, 2019

Bringing this thread to the front again hoping someone here has gone to Rose and Crown (without this package) since this started. Any info you can give us? I am going next month with a regular reservation and wondering if you are still allowed to go outside to watch the show like you always have. Wondering how much of the restaurant is taken up with this. Is the upper patio really empty awaiting the package guests in case of inclement weather? Thanks for any info you have...…..

JohnDFeb 05, 2019

I'm going solo in late April / early May. I could find no availability for one, so I tried with 2 guests. Unlike regular ADRs where the second guest could be anyone and you could have it removed when checking in, this makes you choose the second guest from your list of friends. I already have an ADR for 7:30pm for the same thing so I'll just chance it with that and request a table by the lagoon. (Hopefully the new dining package doesn't eliminate that option.)

Tony the TiggerFeb 01, 2019

Success! (Except iPhone pics are yucky.) Still would like to do the Dining package another day. But this was great for tonight, especially considering how chilly it was outside.

Tony the TiggerJan 31, 2019

Going to give La Hacienda a try tonight.

TJ VazquezJan 31, 2019

And I have heard End of July from another CM so I am guessing July to August is a safe bet.

cosmicgirlJan 31, 2019

AFAIK there has been some speculation that September 30 would be the last night because that would give it a 20-year run to the day and the new Epcot Forever thing would open on the park's anniversary the next day.

Tony the TiggerJan 31, 2019

CM on the phone told me 8/30

LittleclownJan 31, 2019

Have we been given a definite date of the last performance of RoE. I was hearing later in the summer but don't see that anywhere.

Tony the TiggerJan 30, 2019

Still having no luck for the 31st, and that's our only night in the near future (I think.) My bday is in August, but the interim show may have started by then. Not sure about a possible quick stop in late April. (Blocked out most of the summer.) Looking at alternate options: the Frozen dessert party seems like an awful value compared to the Rose & Crown Dining. (For just a few dollars less per person, you're just picking on desserts and fondue...although, drinks, too.) And one person in my party is diabetic - he could go for the fondue, I guess, and I saw one "no sugar added" dessert. Plus, again, drinks. Pretty sure we can blow through a fair amount of beer. (Challenge accepted! j/k.) But for that $158, we could get a nice meal vs. cupcakes and fondue. So, moving on to restaurants with a view (and availability - for some reason, so much is booked up for the 31st but not the days before or after - we even had to book a room off site, etc. while plenty are available on the 29th and 30th.) A surprise 7:15 res popped up for Rose & Crown - but that seems too early. Likewise La Hacienda. Spice Road is booked. Tokyo dining has availability, but their menu looks "meh." We do like a nice meal. Haven't ruled it out yet. And for context, Illuminations is probably my single favorite thing about WDW that doesn't involve food lol. I'm sad to see it go. We can always stand somewhere and watch it, but that's proved difficult to do without some kind of blockage or disturbance in the last few years. I love it enough that I'd like a clear shot at it before it's gone, and I'll pay for that (within reason.) I guess the plan for now is to keep checking to see if anyone cancels for the Rose & Crown dining package. (You never know!) If not, and a decent restaurant doesn't open up closer to 8PM, then we'll focus on having a nice meal regardless of location, and stake out a decent spot around World Showcase (probably with a spiked hot chocolate because it's going to be chilly.)

Tony the TiggerJan 21, 2019

Oh, well, the 31st seems to be sold out. The 30th and 1st were open when I checked. Natch.

DznyGrlSDJan 21, 2019

the site that rhymes with wdw ruse souffle has photos on the twitters

JusticeDisneyJan 21, 2019

I keep reading there is a prix fixe menu for this dining package. Anyone know specifically what food is being offered? Thanks!