'Epcot Forever' nighttime spectacular to use personal watercraft to operate kites

Apr 04, 2019 in "IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth"

Attractions business website blooloop had some interview time with several creatives at Disney Parks Live Entertainment and revealed a few details of what we can expect with the upcoming Epcot Forever show.

The original announcement from Disney described "Epcot Forever" beginning with a spark of imagination that swells into an epic spectacle of fireworks, music, lighting, lasers, and special effects kites.

blooloop.com elaborates on that, indicating that the show's kites will be operated by two-man teams abroad personal watercraft - something similar to a jet ski. Each of the 8 watercraft will carry a driver and kite operator.

Music is said to include "One Little Spark" and "Magic Journeys," and Walt Disney World Live Entertainment producer Ray Coble says that "pyro is the star."

The limited time "Epcot Forever' show will open immediately following the conclusion of Illuminations: Reflections of Earth in the fall of 2019. The park's permanent nighttime spectacular will debut later in 2020.

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Article Posted: Apr 04, 2019 / 3:51pm ET
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psheeder6 hours ago

NFPA 1123 governs outdoor aerial effects and NFPA 1126 for proximate effects. In 1123, 70 ft per inch in diameter of shell for a safety radius from location of launch point. Note that some municipalities can increase the minimum required safety distance to an amount greater than NFPA 1123, but NFPA 1123 is the baseline standard. Additionally, not that it would be needed here, but there can be a 1/3 offset for mortars that are angled. Pretty easy to be able to shoot 4” shells from WSL.

IMDREW11 hours ago

One of my favorite parts of ROE was the large firework shells exploding on the water. It was also so unique to Epcot. I take it those will not be returning with those big screens on the lagoon?

jrhwdw11 hours ago

Nothing on Twitter about tonight. ???

jrhwdw12 hours ago

Hasn't Epoct always had good sized high pyro? Going all the way back to 1988 IllumiNations? Maybe even earlier??? Sorry but I don't get the shell size discussion.

Figments Friend12 hours ago

I am currently in the Parks. Heard this morning while here through someone that more fireworks are being shot off tonight at Epcot. Wanted to post here in case it hasn't be shared here....not sure yet if it's hearsay or happening. Currently standing in a brutal queue in the sun at DHS ( 'Runaway Railway ' ) so can't throughly check previous posts. Discard if 'old news'.... -

mnelson314 hours ago

Hope that continues in Harmonious. And a full holiday version 🙂

wdwmagic14 hours ago

I am always surprised buy the size of the stuff they can get away with for July 4 and NYE in the lagoon.

Magic Feather14 hours ago

Epcot has limits on shell size due to the fact that they are pretty low and surrounded by people. MK can, and does use, much larger shells. The new DHS facility was designed to do the same... until it started causing fires and one landed on World Dr.

Sirwalterraleigh14 hours ago

Where did you get that idea? This is a new show...it would only make sense to use it for full capacity crowds. Why show it for limited draw and half filled hotels?

Giss Neric15 hours ago

Is there a limit on the diameter of shells? I noticed Disney fireworks are medium size. They mostly compensate by the amount and not the size. I really like those huge shells that you feel it in your body when it explodes and sounds like a bomb. Anyways, this is progress. Fireworks for Halloween, Christmas and New Year.

jrhwdw16 hours ago

I had the same feeling about Very Minnie at TDL for things in my family not COVID related(which is too bad because it was an awesome event! Just very poor timing!!!!) I'm over it now and enjoying Very Minnie's Music in TDL's Cavalcade till the end of the month.

jrhwdw16 hours ago

I was mad at MMRR at first in the weeks right after the Parks closed "Nothing Can Stop Us Now!"...... Really!?!?! A week in a half before the parks closed?!?!??!

Crazydisneyfanluke17 hours ago


raymusiccity22 hours ago