VIDEO - IllumiNations Epcot 35th Anniversary Finale

Oct 02, 2017 in "IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth"

Posted: Monday October 2, 2017 10:39am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Epcot celebrated its 35th anniversary today, and featured a special celebration finale to the nightly IllumiNations fireworks spectacular.

Using music from the park's past, the 5 minute show was an impressive pyrotechnics display - check it out below.

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marni1971Oct 16, 2017

Wonder? Doubtful !!

RSoxNo1Oct 16, 2017

I've definitely interrupted the sleeveless wonder when he was mid filming. He only gave me one black eye.

rocketraccoonOct 16, 2017

Yep, the LE3,500 ones. Picked one up for myself yesterday.

*Q*Oct 16, 2017

Orange and red?

marni1971Oct 16, 2017

Awww you should have :)

rocketraccoonOct 15, 2017

There's a ton of 35th anniversary magicbands available at Mouse Gear.

Figment82Oct 15, 2017

Great video Martin, as always! I saw my parents in the Mouse Gear line. I was over in Image Works at that time but it doesn’t look like you made it to the craziness over there. :D I saw you in line before they opened the tapstiles, but you were a man on a mission and I didn’t want to bother you. ;)

bcoachableOct 15, 2017

Mr. Martin- Another great video that helps those of us that could not be there feel as if we were!! Thanks for you contributions to these boards!

brb1006Oct 14, 2017

FigmentJediOct 11, 2017

They still do the Yester Ears branding. Most recent wave I've seen was some reprinted old Haunted Mansion shirts for Halloween just last month. But Anniversary Stuff and Closure Merch do throw off their schedule.

Figments FriendOct 11, 2017

Is that 'YesterEars' branded series still being issued? I only saw two related collection releases, and assumed it was phased out. Last batch i recall seeing contained a shirt related to the ol' WDW Preview Center. -

The_JobuOct 11, 2017

I agree with all this, even if EPCOT is still my favourite park to visit. I might have brain problems.

baymenxpacOct 10, 2017

when i was a kid, i would always fight the second epcot day my dad had planned, because, "let's just go back to the magic kingdom." but every time i sat through o canada or horizons or the universe of energy, something interesting happened. my mind grew. i became interested in other things. i didn't just learn, i learned to love learning. i became a more well-rounded person. i evolved. i wish i could visit an epcot now that was true to the core principles of epcot center. but even if you don't care about learning, and you're fine with being the kind of person who just wants to shut your brain off on vacation, think about it this way: how sustainable of a business model is it to have all your offerings geared toward one kind of person? WDW at its core had something for everyone, and the beauty in that is that it not only kept everyone in the family -- from grandparents to toddlers happy -- but it gave you something to keep coming back for. as you grew, so did your appreciation of the resort's offerings. you may not be super into edutainment at eight, but you might be at 38. and it would give you a reason to come back and grow with the park. i dare say that, with the hyper-growth of DVC over the last two decades, there is no better time to revist that strategy than now. after all, how many times can you ride the same roller coaster before, ya just don't want to anymore?

matt9112Oct 08, 2017

im over here like I just bought a normal amount of merch.....