PHOTOS - Latest look at Remy's Ratatouille construction in Epcot's France Pavilion

Oct 02, 2019 in "Remy's Ratatouille Adventure"

Remy's Ratatouille Adventure construction - September 2019

The recently opened Disney Skyliner offers a great look at the construction taking place at the France pavilion, including the new placemaking, restaurant and Remy's Ratatouille Adventure.

Click on the gallery for more pictures of the France pavilion construction.

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Article Posted: Oct 02, 2019 / 11:05am ET
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EricsBiscuit9 hours ago

I don’t speak French and both understood and enjoyed Rat. I don’t speak much Mandarin, but I loved SDL. I’m not saying it’s bad. I’m saying it would be better if Ray was in English in the USA.

FigmentFan8211 hours ago

Would t mind Monsiour Paul getting a Remy’s makeover. Sorry isn’t that is sacrilege to some but my one experience there was underwhelming and the decor was wilding dated and stuffy. Conversely I love Chefs de France

nickys1 day ago

Not true about the international parks. Ratatouille is bilingual in DLP, just like this will be.

Ldno1 day ago

Canadian? Awwww the irony they set it France hahaha Canada’s a Pavilion away lolol

Disney Analyst1 day ago

It's already confirmed directly from Disney that the ride is bilingual. All aspects of the ride are in both English and French. If anything this is actually the most Canadian ride Disney has built... We are very used to a French and English mix, where they say all the same things in both languages and just alternate.

Ldno1 day ago

I think the ride will be English, given how rides like beauty and the beast are translated into their native language, same with pirates of the Caribbean in shanghai, I noticed every ride in their native parks use their language, so I’m sure this one will be english when it’s all said and done I think. If it’s French the better anyways, I like to polish my French a little bit hehe

TiggerDad1 day ago

For those who don't want until next year for the ride, there's always Ratatouille the Musical: Yes, my daughter told me about it; I don't do TikTok.

mandstaft1 day ago

The expansion as a whole is looking very nice with much more detail than I expected.

marni19711 day ago

Nothing I’ve seen showed the restaurant. It certainly wouldn’t fit in Orlando in the same configuration. But the pavilion already has a range of eateries. In Paris it was the first true TSR for the park.

mattpeto1 day ago

Do you know if they ever considered the restaurant? And could they add the restaurant in the future?

Sir_Cliff1 day ago

Did the use of words and phrases in Spanish also diminish audiences' enjoyment of Pixar's Coco? Having been on the ride in Paris, it seems fairly analogous to me. You may not understand every line of Proud Corazón, for example, but I think everyone gets the gist and the use of Spanish adds to rather than subtracts from the song by grounding it in the culture being represented.

rle4lunch1 day ago

oui oui... uh hu hu hu huh (whilst sticking my nose up in the air) that's me french i learned from the movie.

wdrive1 day ago

As others have said, the language isn’t a big deal on this. You’re a rat in a French restaurant. Having ridden it multiple times in Paris the story is easy enough to follow whether you know English, French or any other language. There isn’t a huge amount of dialogue. Remember it was designed for Paris, I’d say easily the park with the biggest variation in languages by guests.

Magicart871 day ago

Just making sure. Thanks!