PHOTOS - Latest look at Remy's Ratatouille construction in Epcot's France Pavilion

Oct 02, 2019 in "Remy's Ratatouille Adventure"

Remy's Ratatouille Adventure construction - September 2019
Posted: Wednesday October 2, 2019 11:05am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The recently opened Disney Skyliner offers a great look at the construction taking place at the France pavilion, including the new placemaking, restaurant and Remy's Ratatouille Adventure.

Click on the gallery for more pictures of the France pavilion construction.

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castlecake2.010 hours ago

I got my preview today. It’s such a change seeing it from the ground rather than Skyliner. The area is beautiful, and the ride was really well done, much more thrilling than I thought it would be. Had lunch in the crêperie and it was delicious. The dining room was modern compared to the front of the pavilion but it fits the area I feel. Great addition to world showcase. If they could do this to Japan and/or Germany with similar additions I’d be very happy.

J454615 hours ago

lol disney isnt just gonna build something and open it without hyping it up. I get that some people get way too high of expectations but right now if disney builds anything from e-ticket to c-ticket they are gonna hype it up, as is the internet in general. Theres just so many people who love disney nowadays the demand for anything is huge and the population only gets higher and higher. Overall RAT is a great addition to Epcot and it seems to be getting high praise for what it is from everyone riding it. Also I hope the announce SSE redo after 50th, I really wanna see that ride get a massive update

matt911220 hours ago

Imho would be best to not hype in you just build it an open it. Pull something from universal. The massive marketing machine they seem to use for everything only sets expectations...too high.

Waters Back Side1 day ago

Isnt Remy going to be an IAS option as well as VQ? It almost seems now its VQ or nothing. I was under the impression it would be a non Genie + IAS ride like Test Track. If someone wants to pay for LL access is that still an option? That was the problem and complaint with Rise (aside from not being able to just wait).

CJR3 days ago

Absolutely. Given that he came from the parks, he no doubt has a much more hands on role in that division over the others at the time being. Not to mention, we knew long before Josh D'Amaro got promoted that they were wanting a paid FP. Iger was CEO back then too and definitely did nothing to stop it. I'd say that he enabled it, as the matter of fact. I do think Josh might have a played a big role in the Lightning Lane rebranding and the discontinuation of free Fastpass+, but most of what we're seeing was coming long before then. Had the pandemic never happened, I do think the name "Fastpass" would still be here, especially given that they put it on the signs of the newest attractions. Lighting Lane, as a name, was definitely conceived pretty recently (think last year and a half).

HauntedPirate3 days ago

Oh, not at all. I do not discriminate with my anger towards Disney CEO’s named “Bob”. $lappie just happens to be at the front of the line right now, and he really hit “turbo boost” on the pricing BS. The Weatherman has earned plenty of ire, for many reasons.

SteveAZee3 days ago

I think that, adjacent to the Law of Large Numbers, there's a model for guest behavior that Disney's got dialed in, and in general, given the millions of visitors, they can somewhat accurately predict which direction the herd (or subsets of the herd) will go. If they see that their model isn't working well enough, they'll adjust the model, tweak the perks and prices, and continue on. It's unlikely that a 'fall off the cliff' scenario will happen (financially), so they'll adjust if/when the herd shifts. I don't know this for a fact, but I believe it to be true. :)

ImperfectPixie3 days ago

Don't leave Iger and the BoD (and possibly the various parks Presidents) out of your wish. This ball of nickel/diming/price gauging/cut perks has been rolling for a bit.

HauntedPirate3 days ago

I firmly believe they don’t want to push anyone out, but they do want as many people as they can get paying the highest prices possible. From my chair, it feels like Disney believes they will be able to keep guests flowing in as in the past plus have them paying for more things than ever before. But… Human nature is a fickle thing, particularly when it comes to financial matters. All the sharp pencil people who model scenarios can’t account for someone having a bad day and deciding “Nope, this isn’t worth the money today”. They can’t account for the number of people who will see $15/day/person for Genie+ and say “No thanks”. They can’t account for a person’s tolerance for having Disney’s hand in their wallet as seemingly every turn right now and just not going. Leisure spending is not infinite. There are a plethora of other options available to people. The pseudo pay-to-play model they are implementing is something I genuinely hope is a massive failure. Nothing short of $lappie being unceremoniously tossed out on his bald head (and his stupid “Master Ship Builder” sign at Castaway Cay ripped out and burned) would make me happier right now. Well, maybe someone removing the oil rigs in WSL… 😉 Anyway… Voting with one’s wallet is the best way to send a message, and stopping by GS on your way out and sending emails to voice your disgust never hurts either.

aladdin20074 days ago

I hope they get so many complaints when guests get turned away and told they are not allowed to wait in line to ride, that it changes sooner rather than later....and I agree you should have the freedom to wait in a line if you choose. The direction they are going with all this stuff is ruining it for so many, this is exactly what Disney wants though, to push people out because of the overcrowding problems, and sadly it will work because if you don't agree to let the app dictate to you what to do and pay for extras, Disney is showing you the door.... check out the rick steves radio show if you can from todays broadcast,,this was all stated loud and clear and theories behind it. It was very telling and just reaffirmed the direction they are taking.

J45465 days ago

i really dont think VQ will last long with this ride, it will be a standby / lightning lane within a year or two. Same with Web Slingers. Thats not to say the rides arent good, I really like WS and RAT looks to be a great addition to Epcot. Hopefully RotR gets its VQ removed in DL sometime soon because I really dislike VQ and would rather have a 5+ hour standby line oppourtunity than nothing.

SplashZander5 days ago

DCBaker5 days ago

Ratatouille has been added to the Virtual Queue page -

castlecake2.06 days ago

It’s a visa related issue. Cultural reps have to wear their “national costume” as part of their visa which can’t be worn by domestic cast unless they are from that country originally. So World Showcase should be fine once cultural reps return. In the meantime though yes, it’s a lot of generic costumes in the countries as they can’t wear the national ones.