Ralph Breaks VR opens November 21 at Disney Springs in The VOID

Nov 20, 2018 in "Ralph Breaks VR"

Posted: Tuesday November 20, 2018 11:10am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

A new VR experience will debut tomorrow at The VOID in Disney Springs Marketplace  - Ralph Breaks VR.

Beginning November 21 2018, Ralph Breaks VR will put you inside an all new multi-sensory Disney adventure where you’ll be immersed in the internet world of Ralph Breaks the Internet. In teams of four, guests will break into the internet with Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz disguised as characters from the film called “Netizens” to play the newest, coolest video game ever.

“There is nothing more magical than stepping inside a rich animated world – especially one filled with color, life, humor and delightful characters as is the case with Ralph Breaks the Internet,” says Vicki Dobbs Beck, Executive in Charge at ILMxLAB. “Ralph Breaks VR is an experience that brings a smile to your face and the desire to have another go around with friends and family.”

“Designing the elements that pull you irresistibly into the unique world of Ralph and Vanellope has been an incredibly fun process,” said Curtis Hickman, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder of The VOID. “What we’ve created together with ILMxLAB is an astounding adventure that allows people to experience a unique extension of Wreck-It Ralph’s detailed characters, environments and stories.”

To experience The VOID, guests must be at least 48” tall and 10 years old.

Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire, which launched last winter, will continue to operate. For more details on experience availability and to purchase your tickets, visit TheVOID.com.

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MinthorneNov 05, 2018

I booked Ralph for early Jan - The Star Wars one was definitely worth the $30 for about 15 minutes (the first time).

threvesterNov 05, 2018

It was the best thing we did on our last trip..We were blown away

BoltNov 05, 2018

Click any of the links posted by WDWMagic about the Void, or the one two posts above yours talking about the November bookings.

eliza61nycNov 05, 2018

lol, god I'm old. what is the "void"?

Cmdr_CrimsonNov 05, 2018

Still would be nice to see Void versions of Magic Carpets or Ride the Comix..

MisterPenguinNov 04, 2018

Ralph Breaks VR” Now Available for Booking at The Void in Disney Springs Right now, dates are available from November 21, 2018 through January 6, 2019.

Yankee MouseSep 15, 2018

I was wondering the same thing. According to the void website, you have to be at least 10 years old and 48 inches. I did the star wars one and thought my daughter would love it but she is only seven. She loves ralph but I am not even going to tell her about this because she will be disappointed she can't do it. Hopefully they change that age requirement for ralph or any future kid oriented ones.

winstongatorSep 14, 2018

I'm curious how fast they can turn this over. Thinking into the future when they want to switch more frequently. What is the age group for this going to be?

I am TimmySep 14, 2018

I can agree with this, the first time was more fun. However, we probably shouldn't have done the 2nd one the same day. We go to Orlando for 3 weeks, so in hindsight doing a second time might have been more enjoyable had we put some time between the 2 visits. Maybe allowed ourselves to do so many other things in between that the second time would've felt more newish...... not sure that makes sense. But I think if Wreck it Ralph is running when we go, and we love it, I'll try and talk my family into waiting a week to do it again.

MinthorneSep 13, 2018

I did it twice. Loved it the first time. the second time it wasn't as fun. It is completely linear so the repeat play isn't as fun.

I am TimmySep 13, 2018

Oh man! Wreck it Ralph is my DS favorite movie. Guess we'll be doing this in Dec.! It should be open, right? Last Dec. I had made res. for the Star Wars one in advance, and when our day came we showed up and there were no people. We got right in. Enjoyed so much we signed up for another one a couple hours later! Had a dinner res., then came back for another round. We love Star Wars, so it was an easy choice.

Magic FeatherSep 13, 2018

IIRC, the second SW:SotE Theater has already been taken down for reconstruction.

RteetzSep 13, 2018

I really enjoyed it and would do it again.

Dole Whip Happy HourSep 13, 2018

We LOVED The Void during our family June trip. The four of us, DH, my 16 year old son, 12 year old daughter and I , had no VR experience when we did this and it kinda blew our minds. It was one of the top favorite things on our trip. Even my 12 year daughter, who isn't a Star Wars fan thought it was fun. It might be an unpopular opinion, but we liked The VOID better than FOP. Despite the VR is a higher quality on FOP. Now I wish we would have done the Star Wars a second time because there is nothing like this where we live. We were 45 minutes early for our appointment, and they were able to get us in sooner. I don't think it was a busy time for them. We had to sign a waiver, and there was a short thing to watch. A guy helped us put on the gear, and headed us over to the room. We were the only group in the little room, we didn't have to share the room with others, and that was nice, it was just us. The guy said that if we had any problems and needed help, to raise an arm straight up and help would come. Once it started, it took us couple of minutes to figure out what is going on with what we were seeing and how things worked. I had a little bit of a problem with my vision being a little blurry at times. I am not sure if my glasses or viser were smudged, or if I was having problems adjusting to the VR with my bifocal glasses on, but it wasn't bad enough to take away from the overall experience. It was simply incredible to me, to hold up my hand and see it with storm trooper armour on, to know those other storm troopers moving around were my family. I could identify who was who by their height. My daughter was a short storm trooper. No matter where I looked, I saw details of a room on a ship/scene in the Star Wars world. I don't want to say what happened, for fear of spoilers, but the story line lead us from room to room as part of a "mission". There were a couple of easy puzzles that my 12 year old and I worked out while my hubby and son fought off the bad guys with blasters. I loved the way it worked out it seemed like teamwork. The puzzles were real things we physically touched, so that was a neat touch to have worked into the VR. There were hazzards we had to avoid, like being shot, (when I was hit, I felt a vibration on the chest gear) or VR that made it look like I was walking across something narrow over a fire or a fatal drop. I loved the feeling of being able to interact in this world. Not sure how it would compare with other VR experiences.