Rafiki's Planet Watch reopens this summer at Disney's Animal  Kingdom

Mar 19, 2019 in "Rafiki's Planet Watch"

Rafiki's Planet Watch overview
Posted: Tuesday March 19, 2019 1:09pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has today announced that Rafiki's Planet Watch at Disney's Animal Kingdom will reopen to guests in the summer of 2019.

Rafiki’s Planet Watch, the Affection Section and the Wildlife Express will all return to operation, along with a few enhancements in celebration of The Lion King.

Planet Watch closed October 2018 during a series of operational cutbacks.

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Goofyque'Sep 10, 2019

We have FP+ for a couple animation sessions on our October trip. Super excited!

kurtkSep 08, 2019

I even tried looking at the Disney website and didn't see it. I guess my internet skills really stink;-)

Captain BarbossaSep 08, 2019

It reopened back in July.

kurtkSep 08, 2019

Did RPW ever open this summer? We were there in early June and it wasn't open then. If it didn't, any word on status?

awoogalaMay 15, 2019

My two teenagers were in tears because it was closed our last trip. That is one of their favorite parts of AK. (and yes, it is very zoo-like, but we adore zoos, and my son is planning on studying zoology.). We spent well over an hour there last time- between the animal surgery, the displays, talking to the keepers, learning every single goat's personality (seriously, my son spoke to the keeper's at length, learned all the names, etc.) We still love the rainforest sound booths. So, I sigh every time someone starts in on how they should close it down. My 16 year old loves roller coasters, rides.. and Rafiki's.

MisterPenguinMay 14, 2019

CMs are not unreliable sources when it comes to the attractions they work. Usually. :)

Castle Cake ApologistMay 14, 2019

I mean, I would even be fine with paying for MaxPass if it means I get to bask in the glory of Song of the Rainforest one last time!

HauntedMansionFLAMay 14, 2019

I just booked my FastPass !!

Castle Cake ApologistMay 14, 2019

But will Song of the Rainforest with Grandmother Willow return? A true E-ticket if there ever was one. 😅

Wngo905May 14, 2019

Read that yesterday when a friend asked me about it. What stuck out to me was the information about the reopening and plans were coming from a CM standing out front of the normal access point for the train... Not that I am saying a CM in front of the entrance might not be correct, but I would prefer to hear confirmation from someone else up hire than that before reporting it (if I had a website.)

Disney MadduxMay 14, 2019

Fixed it for ya. ;)

RteetzMay 14, 2019

Another site is reporting this will reopen in August now with new exhibits. The rainforest area will be gone and areas that focus on Disney animation and the connection to nature will debut.

Kman101Mar 26, 2019

Thank you. I truly do hate to bother you but this rumor just will not die, LOL. I guess time will tell :/

BocabearMar 26, 2019

I would have forgotten it ever existed if it weren't for people on here always talking about it... I th9ought it was largely forgettable and felt like a TV show...Not a real movie... Cute but forgettable.