Primeval Whirl closing for a 3 month refurbishment later this month

Aug 04, 2015 in "Primeval Whirl"

Posted: Tuesday August 4, 2015 8:25am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Primeval Whirl is closing for a 3 month refurbishment later this month at Disney's Animal Kingdom Dinoland U.S.A.

The spinning coaster is scheduled to close on August 17 through to November 12, reopening to guests on November 13 2015.

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BairstowAug 11, 2015

It would be nice and symmetrical if they could, but I don't think Disney can always afford to wait half a year when they identify an need or opportunity for a refurbishment. Besides, don't people who have scheduled a suddenly-unavailable attraction get a wildcard opportunity to reschedule?

The March HareAug 10, 2015

I'm not happy about this because they announced this in late July, and they have set up a system where you need to book your trip 180 days in advance and book FP+ 60 days in advance. A 3 month refurb has to be budgeted, as it's clearly not an emergency fix. They knew this was coming, and should have shared it with guests 180+ days out, not within 60 days of closure.

wdwmagicAug 10, 2015

Yep its going to be both sides.

KrazyKatAug 10, 2015

Well, in a perfect world WDW would get rid of The Seas with Nemo and friends but they still need stuff for the kids to do in Future World. My kids really enjoy Turtle Talk with Crush because of the interaction but they seem less interested in the actual Nemo ride after going on it every year. Seeing that it is called "Future World", I just wish Disney would put a futuristic type ride in the pavilion that has to do with sea exploration. I actually have an idea for such a ride. This idea could actually be replicated into other attractions as well.

Brad BishopAug 10, 2015

Probably a hard sell to those who approve budgets but I'd suggest removing SeaLab 2021 from Epcot and putting in a proper aquarium (and a bit more modern) at AK. Then put in something interesting where the Living Seas was.

AbsimilliardAug 10, 2015

I agree with Lee. Central Shops is more than capable to do repair track work and even new vehicles bodies if needed. If the layout needed to be changed or completely replaced, than Dynamic Attractions or someone else would come in, like with BTM at Disneyland.

Fox&HoundAug 09, 2015

Hi!!! Welcome to the posting side of these boards! Thanks for posting your ideas! I agree that marine life is missing from AK and could be a fun addition -but what would your idea mean for the giant aquarium at Epcot? I love AK and would love to see more attractions: marine, bears, kangaroos, koala bears, and def more rides!

LeeAug 09, 2015

Neither at this point, unless they were buying new ride vehicles that needed testing. All ride and track work is almost certainly to be handled in-house.

AquaDuckAug 09, 2015

Just wondering (asking to those in the know)... If this were track/ride related who would be brought in to work on the ride? Zamperla? Dynamic?

KrazyKatAug 08, 2015

Hi Everyone! I've been lurking on WDWMagic for over 9 years and this is my first post. I'm a huge WDW and UOR fan. My family and I go every year (since 2004). I'm on here every day, in fact I don't think a day has gone by in 9 years I haven't been on here. Anyway, on to my point. I really like and enjoy AK and think it's a beautiful park. Glad to see it's finally getting some investment to make it a truly full day park into the night. The one thing I think is lacking however, is more marine animal type attractions. That being said, I do a lot of armchair Imagineering like many of you which shows how "Krazy" I am about WDW. One idea I had was to bring over the popular Crush's Coaster from Paris and put it next to the Finding Nemo Musical. Make that whole Chester & Hester area a new Nemo and marine life themed land. I would also possibly add the new Nemo ride that's coming to Tokyo, space permitting. Add in some exhibits kind of like at Epcot with some very exotic fish and there you go. Marine life is better represented at AK. I know many of you don't care for the Nemo ride at Living Seas but here at least it's in the ANIMAL Kingdom. Looking forward to posting more on here.

danlb_2000Aug 08, 2015

A permit was filed for this yesterday. The contractor is Disney's internal Buena Vista Construction.

DisneyGentlemanAug 08, 2015

Well, anyone who hangs out at these boards has to love the feeling of pain. Just spend an afternoon reading the posts....

BairstowAug 08, 2015

See, it's that second part- the part about understanding the socioeconomic causes of poaching/logging/jaywalking that isn't main part of the narrative. You can read that into the attractions/lands if you want to but it's not a focus and certainly not to the extent that dictated the aesthetic direction of the entire park. Again, if the intent was to convey empathy for the offenders, the rustic and rusting Harambe and Anandapur areas would be ugly and dire. Instead they're vibrant and brimming with weird little cultural ephemera that Rodhe and his team found cool on their constant fact-finding vacations. No one walks through Harambe and thinks to themselves, "Wow, this place is a hellhole. I can totally see how young men would turn to butchering elephants to feed their starving children."

Matt_BlackAug 08, 2015

It absolutely is there, because poaching is mentioned REPEATEDLY in several attractions, most notably the Kilimanjaro Safari. The main cause of poaching is economic reasons.