Pirates of the Caribbean iconic auction scene to be updated with new role for the redhead

Jun 30, 2017 in "Pirates of the Caribbean"

A big change is coming to Pirates of the Caribbean in 2018, which will see a new role for the famous redhead.

Disney has announced that the iconic auction scene will see the redhead play a new role, joining the pirate ranks and overseeing the pirate auction of the townspeople's valuables.

A similar scene will open at Disneyland Paris this summer, and the change will come to both Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort in 2018.

Pirates of the Caribbean last saw a major change with the introduction of characters and elements from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise back in 2006.

Here is a look at the current scene at the Magic Kingdom's Pirates of the Caribbean.

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Article Posted: Jun 30, 2017 / 7:45am EDT