Pirates of the Caribbean iconic auction scene to be updated with new role for the redhead

Jun 30, 2017 in "Pirates of the Caribbean"

Posted: Friday June 30, 2017 7:45am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

A big change is coming to Pirates of the Caribbean in 2018, which will see a new role for the famous redhead.

Disney has announced that the iconic auction scene will see the redhead play a new role, joining the pirate ranks and overseeing the pirate auction of the townspeople's valuables.

A similar scene will open at Disneyland Paris this summer, and the change will come to both Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort in 2018.

Pirates of the Caribbean last saw a major change with the introduction of characters and elements from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise back in 2006.

Here is a look at the current scene at the Magic Kingdom's Pirates of the Caribbean.

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Gitson ShigglesMar 24, 2018

Slaves would’ve been involved in producing that rum. Rum also played a crucial role in the Atlantic slave trade.

aw14Mar 23, 2018

It really has become quite sad. In terms of the Pirates ride, Pirates by and large were criminals, so the original scene while not "nice" wasn't out of character. When you look at Mansion, Hall of Presidents, Splash Mountain, it seems there are reasons to change etc.

Hatbox GhostbusterMar 23, 2018

Ironically enough, in making the Redhead more PC, they GAVE her a gun and bottle of rum. Disney is winning!

mikeymouseMar 23, 2018

How long before the guns are removed, maybe even the skeletons. While we're at it, HM is very morbid, I'm sure someone is offended there. It makes me ill.

Gitson ShigglesMar 22, 2018

How meta. The Redhead is now auctioning off Imagineers.

Hatbox GhostbusterMar 22, 2018

The Redhead as we knew her is gone. She was killed by the SJW PC mobs. May she RIP. In her stead we now have a truly god-awful scene about auctioning off...::sigh::...chickens.

SuddenStormMar 02, 2018

It isn't closed for refurbishment at the moment. Still not sure if they've announced when it will close.

Angel ArielMar 01, 2018

I think it his in the process of changing now?

Animaniac93-98Feb 27, 2018

Did they ever announce when they're going to change it in DLR? I think it's still the same at the moment.

THE Monorail LimeFeb 27, 2018

Maybe update the fire effects?

Donaldfan1934Feb 26, 2018

Right, don't want to jinx anything. Although when it comes to making stupid decision, I always feel more comfortable talking about TDR since they're not directly subject to Disney's rule. They haven't even changed the pirates chasing the women over there.

Captain BarbossaFeb 26, 2018

Aside from the auction scene, does anyone know if there will be any other changes/refurbs to the ride, like changes to the mist (please get rid of Blackbeard!), or a garb change for Barbossa or anything at all?

Captain BarbossaFeb 26, 2018

Shh!! Don't say that!

Donaldfan1934Feb 26, 2018

RIP Pirates of the Carribean (1967-2018) At least we still have Tokyo.