PHOTOS - First look at the new auction scene at Pirates of the Caribbean

Mar 19, 2018 in "Pirates of the Caribbean"

Posted: Monday March 19, 2018 9:38am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World's Pirates of the Caribbean reopens today following a month long refurbishment to make changes to the ride's iconic auction scene.

The pirate auctioneer now oversees a sale of the townspeople’s most prized possessions and goods. In this scene, the familiar redhead figure has switched sides to become a pirate named Redd, who’s just pillaged the town’s rum supply and has something to say about it.

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Kman101May 05, 2018

I like the idea too but the blog post was LOL worthy

smileMay 05, 2018

fine line between a plus for show sake and synergistic shoehorn ... except when it actually changes the story.

Tom MorrowMay 05, 2018

Yeah, the blog post was lame but I don't really see a problem with a face character.

FigmentForver96May 05, 2018

I...I actually kind of like the idea 😒

Cmdr_CrimsonMay 05, 2018

They weren't too enthralled when it was announced during the D23 panel...

larryzMay 04, 2018

Well, maybe someone can ask her why the pirates are auctioning off chickens and household goods instead of ravaging and pillaging...

Kman101May 04, 2018

lol, really? A face character? I swear they ask for trouble. Do they think guests are too stupid to understand the change over at Disneyland? I mean ... I shouldn't really be against a character or even a face character but ... That blog article was painful. I feel like I'd lose IQ points trying to write a Disney blog post. Sheesh.

Captain BarbossaMay 04, 2018

Haha, no big deal.

Cmdr_CrimsonMay 04, 2018

At this point in juncture...It's hard to remember which was which...:hilarious:

Captain BarbossaMay 04, 2018


KBLovesDisneyMay 04, 2018

No words. Just. Nope. No words.

Cmdr_CrimsonMay 04, 2018

It reminded me of the time they tried it out with Angelica doing M&G's during the time On Stranger Tides was released...

KBLovesDisneyMay 04, 2018

That...was extremely painful to read...

KBLovesDisneyMay 04, 2018