On-ride photo coming to Pirates of the Caribbean

Jun 15, 2017 in "Pirates of the Caribbean"

Posted: Thursday June 15, 2017 1:04pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Pirates of the Caribbean at the Magic Kingdom will soon begin offering on-ride photo capture.

Beginning June 19, the PhotoPass service will snap a photo just before you take the plunge down the ride's flume.

Like other on-ride PhotoPass, you will need to be wearing a MagicBand, and the photo will be automatically linked to your My Disney Experience account. Once there, the image can be purchased, or those with Memory maker, it will be available for download.

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OddyseyJul 14, 2017

Sorry to say after experiencing this it does not fit in. The flash is so bright the Jolly Rodgers eyes get burned into your vision for quite some time afterwards. While I really enjoy seeing the Jolly Rodger again, I could personally due without the disorienting flash.

ryan1Jun 18, 2017

That scene has already been altered slightly. The "large" woman and the women standing in line behind the redhead all use to have dresses that showed more skin (scoop neck dresses) but now they are dressed almost like nuns. With all the stupid PC-ness going around I'm really surprised there hasn't been some sort of outrage that they are fat-shaming the bigger woman and demanding for the scene to be changed completely (which I hope never happens).

21stampsJun 17, 2017

Right, they don't all have to be reaction shots.. but, apologies in advance if my kid does a dab in front of any of you while on pirate's now. ;) I think it's great regardless of once in a lifetime or not. I definitely feel like Memory Maker is one of the best values at WDW. I'm happy about this new camera.

Haymarket2008Jun 17, 2017

WHAT. Dear lord. The most iconic scene in the ENTIRE attraction. (That and the prison scene.)

peter11435Jun 17, 2017

It's not meant to plus the attraction. It's meant to plus memory maker.

yedliWJun 17, 2017

They all don't have to be 'reaction shots'.. some can just be nice shots that people can have as a way to remember the trip.. especially the people who don't make it there every year or two.. For the 'Once in a lifetime' crowd, things like this are a great way to remember your one trip to Disney.

davis_unoxxJun 17, 2017

But it makes money!!!!

Father RobinsonJun 17, 2017

I wouldn't either. Every little drop doesn't warrant a reaction shot.

King Raccoon 77Jun 16, 2017

If they can photoshop in Johhny Depp next to you then i may never get the DW off this ride.

HMFJun 16, 2017

If they haven't done it here yet I would be amazed if it happens in France.

BartattackJun 16, 2017

I'm ok with this.... I'm much more concerned about the current rumour floating around that they are gonna remove and replace the auction scene in DLP during the current refurbishment... I hope that's some fake news.

HMFJun 16, 2017

I don't have any strong opinions one way or the other on this.

HMFJun 16, 2017

I would rather have my picture with the original Hitchhiker effect than the current one.

Uncle LupeJun 16, 2017

Maybe the idea so to ruin you night vision adjusted eyes so you can't see as many flaws.