VIDEO - Peter Pan's Flight debuts new interactive features in expanded queue area

Jan 29, 2015 in "Peter Pan's Flight"

The brand new interactive queue at Peter Pan’s Flight has debuted in the Magic Kingdom, giving guests waiting in the standby line a greatly improved experience.

Peter Pan’s Flight is well known for its long wait times, and now Disney Imagineers have made some huge upgrades to the queue to help make those waits more entertaining. Not only is much of the queue now in fully enclosed indoor space, it also features a walk-through of the Darling children’s home and into their nursery. Tinker Bell and Peter pay a visit, and guests even get a sprinkling of pixie dust before leaving the new queue to board the ride.

Some of the effects are achieved through projection mapping, giving Tink the ability to fly through the nursery, and even interacting with and moving physical objects.

An interactive section of the queue gives guests a chance to play with virtual objects with their own shadow.

A few of the outdoor areas of the queue remain, both before the new indoor queue, and after. On most days, that outdoor queue space won’t be in use, but on busy days, expect to still hit the outside switchbacks. The newly expanded indoor queue space comes from the area gained by closing the restrooms near Pan, which were relocated to the new Tangled area a few years ago.

We’ve got a video walk-through of the new indoor queue space, so check it out for a look at what you will find on your next visit.

Article Posted: Jan 29, 2015 / 9:39am EST