Peter Pan's Flight closing for month-long refurbishment in the New Year

Oct 04, 2018 in "Peter Pan's Flight"

Posted: Thursday October 4, 2018 8:25am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Peter Pan's Flight at the Magic Kingdom will be closing for refurbishment in early 2019.

The closure begins on January 7 2019 and runs through to February 1, reopening to guests on February 2 2019.

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mgfNov 25, 2019

Random observation - the small table along with the hidden Mickey plate of cookies immediately at the start of ride was gone last week.

JoeCamelFeb 19, 2019

The cloned ride is Tron. PP ain't going anywhere for 30 more years.

raymusiccityFeb 19, 2019

Looks realistic to me! :rolleyes:

WondersOfLifeFeb 19, 2019

Neither does an opposing opinion.

DisneyGentlemanV2.0Feb 19, 2019

...and where the models were better than the rest of the movie.

matt9112Feb 19, 2019

they care amazingly little for "landmarks" i never got to ride horizons.....

matt9112Feb 19, 2019

they want record profit period? keep costs low and charge more....

matt9112Feb 19, 2019

two wrongs dont make a right.

eddie104Feb 19, 2019

But who would be mad if they it cloned though ? People are always over hyping the Tokyo Resort talking about how awesome and superior it is to the domestic parks. Personally if we were get an updated ride or completely new one I would be totally fine with it because regardless it's getting some love.

JoeCamelFeb 18, 2019

Record attendance and guest spending (according to DIS) begs a greater expansion than a cloned ride. Budget should be increased so it does not enter into it or do they just want to report record profits? TDO should be able to fix the many issues with show quality rather than just plopping a ride that has had the development costs spent elsewhere.

PurduevianFeb 18, 2019

I might because of budgets. As much as we all hate it, TDO is on a budget and I would much rather the money go to a new build in MK than a new pan ride. The only thing "wrong" with Peter Pan's flight is the lack of other classic Fantasyland dark rides causing a massive line.

mandstaftFeb 18, 2019

Farrah Fawcett never made me cringe. :)

tirianFeb 18, 2019

Logan’s Run, one of the few big-budget movies where the models make me cringe. ;) EDIT: I see that @Wngo905 beat me to it.

Wngo905Feb 14, 2019

My wife was watching that the other day and pointed out that scene, Logan's Run.