PHOTOS - Walt Disney Presents 'coming soon' models updated

Jun 29, 2018 in "Walt Disney Presents"

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge model updates
Posted: Friday June 29, 2018 10:02am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

With the opening of Toy Story Land, the "coming soon" models at Walt Disney Presents have been updated.

The Star Wars Galaxy's Edge model has been moved from the small display case to the large case that previously displayed the Toy Story Land model.

And in the small case, there is now a model of a walker.

Click the gallery for more photos of the Walt Disney Presents updates.

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n2hifiJul 03, 2018

My dad has but I have not. He is into trains and models as well and travels overseas frequently. I have seen several videos and walkthroughs but have never been out of North America. It is definitely on my list though if I can stop spending all my money in WDW.

Cmdr_CrimsonJul 03, 2018

Do have to wonder what will they do with the exhibit area after it's all complete.

crxbrettJul 03, 2018

Just curious, have you ever seen or been to the giant model indoor theme park, Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany? I love models and looking at your pics, figured you may have heard of the one in Germany.

DisneyFreakJul 02, 2018

I think the model needs more people.

n2hifiJul 02, 2018

In architectural firms the particular '3D printer' you refer to is called 'summer intern'. My first year of Architecture school was pretty much dedicated to learning how to build super detailed models like that and hand lettering. Yes, this was before CAD and 3D models. You basically get free labor to build your models for you so it can take as long as it needs to. In all seriousness, quite a few of the parts are printed now, but the model is still generally built by hand or not even a physical model, just a rendering. I don't do exteriors so all of my designs are rendered, not physical models. Now building models is just for fun.

GlacierGlacierJun 29, 2018

And of course after I post this, they posted a M&M image.

PixieishJun 29, 2018

I thought so. I've never used CAD personally (just never had the chance/opportunity), but I am proficient in using a CNC router and many other design titles, so it sort of made sense for it to be possible. (I have a long history in graphic/sign design and production.)

Missing20KJun 29, 2018

It sure is! Not saying that's how these were done. I have no idea. But yes 3D printers can use CAD drawings, among other formats, to create objects.

DisneyJayLJun 29, 2018

Not soon enough.

PixieishJun 29, 2018

I wonder if it's possible to take CAD drawings for plans and shrink them for use with a 3D printer...

Walt dJun 29, 2018

You have to wonder, how many months does it take to make something like this. Those people that do this work are very gifted. To start with nothing just drawing and then there is the drawing in 3-D . In one mans dream. I loved going in there, to see those modals. I could do the air brush work, but thats it. Hats off to them...

GlacierGlacierJun 29, 2018

All Galaxy's Edge stuff, got it. I was hoping for at least a tiny bit more info on Mickey and Minnie, but I guess Star Wars is a bit of an overpowering force (no pun intended).