Pose with an Oscar at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Feb 21, 2017 in "Walt Disney Presents"

If you are visiting Disney's Hollywood Studios this week, it is your chance to pose with an Oscar ahead of this weekend's Oscars award ceremony.

"My Oscar Moment," located inside One Man's Dream, features a red carpet, a signature backdrop, along with the Oscar itself - and will be available through February 26 2017.

Disney is up for eight Academy Awards this year including: Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Zootopia and Moana nominated for Best Animated Feature; Lucasfilm’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story nominated for Visual Effects and Sound Mixing; Disney’s The Jungle Book and Marvel’s Doctor Strange were also nominated for Visual Effects; Pixar’s animated short Piper was nominated for Best Animated Short; and Moana's song ‘How Far I’ll Go’ was nominated for Best Song.

The 89th Academy Awards will be televised live from the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday, February 26, 2017 beginning at 5:30 PM PT / 8:30PM ET on ABC.

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Article Posted: Feb 21, 2017 / 10:43am EST
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SirenFeb 23, 2017

Yes, that's a really good song! If Moana wins in that category, it will be an upset for sure. No. Of course not. This is just for "fun." Toy Story Land and Star Wars Land will be open in two years. So, try to have some understanding. It's not like Disney isn't trying here. Very well said. Hopefully, Opetaia Foa'i will have more opportunities to showcase his talent. Anyway, I hope Disney gets a chance to promote Avatarland during the Oscars -- other than the Superbowl, I can't think of a bigger night. I'm sure there will be some Beauty & The Beast commercials, too.

snekFeb 22, 2017

I like demi's version cause she can sing well. Alessia Cara is one of those singers who does weird stuff with their vowels to sound folky and hipster. Blech.

Meeko77Feb 22, 2017

They had this same set-up 2 years ago in the former Animation building. I had gone there the day before the Oscars. The cast member working in the area shared with me that the statuette was being flown out to CA that night to arrive in time for the next day's festivities. I have also seen articles online stating that the statuette was actually going to be handed out at the following year's Oscars, so who knows where that statuette ended up. It was still a fun experience regardless to have my picture taken with it. Also, I truly enjoyed La La Land. I have always been a fan of Ryan Gosling's since his MMC days. Cannot stop listening to the soundtrack.

Kevin_WFeb 22, 2017

I don't mind Demi's version of Let it Go, though I find the "original" better. But the extra version of How far I'll go is horrid. (Then again, Disney has a long tradition of bastardizing their own songs: Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Hunchback among many others.)

Princess LeiaFeb 22, 2017

Nooooooo. Ugh no. Just like Demi's version of Let It Go, that's a song I skip on the soundtrack.

CaptainAmericaFeb 22, 2017

See also: Alessia Cara. :cautious:

Princess LeiaFeb 22, 2017

Lin's voice is.... distinctive. That's the descriptor I usually stick with. I think he's a lyrical genius (currently matched with Sondheim, IMO), but his vocal range is extremely limited. He's an amazing rapper, and I think he deserves all of the credit that he gets for creating the music and lyrics to 'In the Heights' and 'Hamilton', but in those two shows, he definitely stayed in his comfort zone and didn't write a song like "How Far I'll Go" for himself. He wrote them for other people. So when I heard that he'll be performing "How Far I'll Go" with Auli'i Cravalho, it kind of put me off a little. Like I understand that he wrote the song, but Auli'i is the only person who should be singing it (I feel the same way about John Legend singing the nominated La La Land songs). Lin can't belt the notes like she can.

CaptainAmericaFeb 22, 2017

I think that's why it annoys me. Opetaia Foa'i contributed as much to that soundtrack as LMM and it's a shame that they picked a song where LMM has the only writing credits. Side note, have you listened to the demo tracks on Disk 2 of the soundtrack? LMM's singing voice is horrible. I actually think this kind of thing belongs at DHS. Small-scale diversions like this, the launch bay, the old prop shop, etc. are what help flesh out a day for people who are into more than just ticking off a list of "attractions." I don't particularly care about the Oscar but they had the carriage from the live-action Cinderella awhile back and that was pretty neat.

ravenFeb 22, 2017

Anyone else think of this? Another attempt to make the current desolate DHS palpable to guests paying for a full price ticket? They're gonna have to offer a lot more than just a photo with a statue to make spending a day there worth the money right now. Just my opinion.

Princess LeiaFeb 22, 2017

Did Disney even lobby for more than one Moana song? I think that 'We Know the Way' and 'You're Welcome' are on equal footing with 'How Far I'll Go'. Also, for La La Land- 'Another Day of Sun' > 'Audition Song'. The former is way too catchy for it's own good, and it's the song from the movie that I find myself humming the most. La La Land definitely has the upper hand in terms of chances of winning the Best Song award (40%), but there is the chance that the two could cancel each other out, giving it to Justin Timberlake (there was no escaping that song last summer) or Lin Manuel Miranda, making him the youngest PEGOT winner in history (of which there are only currently 2). It's not going to go to Sting (sorry Sting). If Academy voters solely just want an acceptance speech like Lin's poem at the Tony's (which I still get chills reading), they'll go for Moana. I'm sure Lin has plenty more opportunities lined up for another Best Song nom (especially if he writes something new for the In the Heights film), but this would really be the icing on the cake for an amazing year for him.

CaptainAmericaFeb 22, 2017

Opetaia Foa'i got robbed. "We Know the Way" > "How Far I'll Go."

SirenFeb 22, 2017

Wow! I don't do meet & greets at all but Moana's looks so amazing. I just watched a video of it and the set and everything is so gorgeous. I was not expecting to see such beautiful rock work, foliage, actual sand, and a virtual waterfall. It's totally underrated. Moana's meet & greet section seems quite elaborate. I'm guessing she is still meeting at OMD, otherwise we would have heard about it. The Oscar photo op area is very simple and probably tucked in a random corner somewhere in the building until Sunday night. I haven't seen La La Land yet, but it looks so good. I loved Ryan Gosling in The Notebook, it is one of my favorite movies. So, I just have to give La La Land a chance. I hope I'm not disappointed. The movie seems polarizing, in that, people who love it, really love it and those who hate it, really hate it. LOL. And, I totally agree with you about Wreck It Ralph being robbed. LOL. I just don't care for Brave. I'm so glad there going to be a Wreck It Ralph 2. With that said, I'm not really excited about this years Oscars. I really hope the night isn't overcast by overwhelming political statements.

Mrs.NesbittFeb 22, 2017

no big deal Universal have had an oppertunity to have a picture with an Oscar for years.

Ryan H. SerowinskiFeb 22, 2017

OFF-TOPIC(yet again): I'm sorry, I'm just not a fan of La La Land and I'll be also upset if Kubo wins Animated Feature and NOT Zootopia(I was upset when Brave won and NOT Wreck-It Ralph in 2013, just like Spirited Away beating Lilo & Stitch in that category in 2003). :'(