Sneak Peek of Disney's Mulan begins tomorrow at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Aug 20, 2020 in "Walt Disney Presents"

Posted: Thursday August 20, 2020 7:33am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney Presents will be showing a preview of Mulan from August 21 2020 at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Along with the preview there will be a display of an original witch costume from the move, and a replica of a warrior costume and sword.

Mulan will debut on September 4 via Disney+ with Premier Access ($29.99)

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Animaniac93-98Aug 30, 2020

The animated Mulan was mostly made at Disney-MGM Studios. Would be nice to acknowledge the park's history by having some displays and video showing that, along with the Mulan parade.

EagleScout610Aug 22, 2020

Plus a three year research trip

JoeCamelAug 22, 2020

I think it will take a poll and a survey to determine that

rle4lunchAug 22, 2020

They waste so much "research" money on things that are obvious.

FigmentsFangirlAug 21, 2020

IF Disney does indeed release it to DVD, far as I know, most movies are either BR+DVD+Digital or Ultra4K+BR+Digital. My hope is they release it to DVD so I can see it fro mthe library, if that. Lately that is how I am buying movies, {execept for a recent pair {star wars and avengers}}

MrPromeyAug 21, 2020

Based on the tone of the trailers, I don't think New Mutants was ever considered for Disney+ and frankly, I think there's a loss of synergy by splitting up the comic book movies between there and Hulu. I'm sure there were serious discussions regarding Logan. That said, this probably isn't a movie Disney would have green-lit if they'd had control over the movie rights when it came down the pipe so considering they inherited it as a mostly-complete project from Fox, I'm sure they see anything they make on it as a bonus, regardless of if it ends up being any good or not.

dreamfinderAug 21, 2020

By all accounts, they have little expectations of The New Mutants. If it does well, shows there is some sort of demand in the theaters. It bombs, they didn't really think anyone would see it. It's been lingering on the shelf for what, 2-3 years? Mulan, they don't want to take a bath on. If it bombs in the theaters, then they lose their money and need to hope they can recoup something from DVD/BluRay sales. By releasing it to Disney+ as an additional up charge, they can keep it under wraps to make some sort of money. Lets them technically add new content to Disney+, but still gives them an out to have a theatrical release in 6 months, or a year if the market improves.

Goofyque'Aug 21, 2020

Actually in some cases, yes. There are as many states without theaters open right now as with. And like always, we can always wait til it comes out on DVD. :)

Goofyque'Aug 21, 2020

I love when they display the costumes!

po1998Aug 20, 2020

🎢Let’s get down to business...🎢

MrPromeyAug 20, 2020

If you're a Florida resident, as little as $65 when paying for four viewing opportunities at once* *For multi-viewing opportunity tickets, all opportunities must be used during the valid ticket dates. Proof of Florida residency required. All adults will need to show proof of Florida resident at entrance. All tickets and options are nontransferable and nonrefundable and exclude activities/events separately priced and no, you probably will not get to ride Rise of the Resitance so stop asking.

Texas84Aug 20, 2020

Will it cost $29.99 to get in?

raymusiccityAug 20, 2020

So, next week, Disney is premiering The New Mutants on the big screen in theaters... .and Mulan is going straight to Disney+.......Oh, that makes perfect sense!?! 😳