Walt's office removed from One Man's Dream exhibit at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Aug 18, 2015 in "Walt Disney Presents"

One Man's Dream overview
Posted: Tuesday August 18, 2015 12:18pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney's office has been removed from the One Man's Dream exhibit at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

The original desk and furniture from Walt's office has been on display at One Man's Dream since October 2001, opening as part of the 100 Years of Magic celebration, centered at the then Disney-MGM Studios.

The desk, chair and cabinet that were originally shipped from California, are now expected to return to the Walt Disney family museum.

The window that looked over the office is currently covered with a map of Disneyland. The long term future of One Man's Dream remains in doubt as much of that area of the park is expected to become Toy Story Land. Disney has not yet made any announcements about a closure of One Man's Dream.

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DisneyGigiDec 09, 2015

This was perfect. As much as I will miss seeing it, this was perfect! :)

prberkDec 08, 2015

Thanks. Nice story and pics. Wish they had included more pics. I wonder how accurate the depiction of his 1962-3 office was in Saving Mr. Banks.

JohnDDec 08, 2015

The Walt Disney Archives Brings Walt’s Office Back to the Disney Studios Lot

JohnDDec 08, 2015

That's good. Be positive. Be positive. Be positive. Power of positive thinking. Think good thoughts. Think good thoughts. Think, think think!

prberkDec 08, 2015

The most promising thing in the article: "With this permanent exhibit we are inviting you to take a step back into the past and to gain a greater understanding of an extraordinary and remarkable man,” Iger said. “We put this permanent exhibit together to serve as a source of inspiration to us, a reminder to have greater ambition, to take bold creative risks, to constantly innovate and push the limits of possibility, to relentlessly pursue perfection and to tell fantastic stories that touch people’s hearts. That was Walt Disney.” [/INDENT] Let's hope that it really does provide a source of inspiration for those decision-makers. Being in such close proximity it might actually inspire them to walk in every now and then, and really think about walking in his shoes, and innovating. While it would be nice for us to have more regular access to it for inspiration, perhaps it might be more useful there! Then we would all benefit. Heck, it might even provide that "one little spark" people around here want to come back.

GiveMeTheMusicDec 08, 2015

Hmmm, you mean it DIDN'T go to the Walt Disney Family Museum? Whoda thunk?

lazyboy97oDec 08, 2015


mm52200Dec 08, 2015

Call me selfish but while its really cool to have done this, now barely anyone from the general public will get to see this and appreciate it. I just really wish there was a place still in one of the U.S. parks for it to be put on display and educate the masses about Walt.

insert name hereDec 08, 2015

I love that they did this. It's like Walt never left.

TP2000Dec 08, 2015

Walt Disney's office returned to perfect 1966 condition in his studios in Burbank, California. That's exactly where Walt's office should be.

DisneyGentlemanDec 08, 2015

Signed, Prof. I. Jones

officialtomDec 08, 2015

The Disney snapchat story tonight was video of Walt's office looking timeless and pristine. It was shot from within the office, and behind the desk at one point. Very very cool to see.

BelAirRdDec 08, 2015

I'm unbelievably dismayed that it's come to this. Walt's office was ripped out by Michael Eisner in 1984, after having not been touched since his death, for a very good reason - to send a message to the company that the man was dead. It was a message that absolutely needed to be sent and fantastic things came out of it over the next 30 years. What on earth does Disney and the studio lot, as a place of business, gain by once again obsessing over trying to chase the dead past instead of carving a new future? Nobody at Disney wants to innovate anymore - we now see imagineers that so caught up in trying to pay tribute to the likes of Tony Baxter, hiding stupid easter eggs that nobody cares about, utterly fail to realise those people are who they are because they carved their own identity and moved the field forward. At least this time around it's being treated as a tourist attraction, though honestly it belongs in a museum (instead of turning the building and company around it into one).

peachykeenDec 08, 2015