Sneak Peek of Disney Pixar's 'Coco' coming to 'Walt Disney Presents' at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Sep 13, 2017 in "Walt Disney Presents"

Beginning November 3 2017, 'Walt Disney Presents' at Disney's Hollywood Studios will be showing a preview of Coco - the upcoming Disney•Pixar movie.

Along with the preview of Coco, there will also be artwork and character sculptures from the production on display.

Disney•Pixar's Coco opens in theaters in 3D on November 22 2017.

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Article Posted: Sep 13, 2017 / 12:28pm EDT
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BaconSep 14, 2017

I wouldn't call them rumors more of guesses

IanDLBZFSep 13, 2017

Yes they were. Seems like what could also be happening is Miguel and Dante replacing Star Lord & Groot. They may be at Epcot instead, just waiting to see what pops up...

Ryan H. SerowinskiSep 13, 2017

@JudyHopps These guesses of mine showing the preview of this film were right. :bored: wish they couldn't have the POTJ theater to play previews instead of suspending the Walt Disney history film.

FNGSep 13, 2017

Is there any movie preview running currently?