Preview of the upcoming live-action 'Aladdin' movie coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios

Apr 09, 2019 in "Walt Disney Presents"

Posted: Tuesday April 9, 2019 10:43am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney Presents at Disney's Hollywood Studios will soon begin showing a sneak peek of the upcoming live-action movie 'Aladdin.'

The preview replaces the sneak-peek of Dumbo and begins April 29 2019 ahead of the movie's release in theaters on May 24 2019.

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Animaniac93-98Oct 06, 2019

In the Animation, Movies and TV sub-forum there's a thread for the remake.

Freshee61Oct 06, 2019

I could not find thread. Is there a thread to discuss how awesome the Aladdin live action movie turned out.

Kman101Apr 10, 2019

It kind of makes sense to promote their movies in the Studios park ... but I get where people are coming from. Instead of elaborate walk throughs or parades, we get a movie trailer ... and of course a "real" attraction would be better. But I really don't mind them.

larryzApr 10, 2019

"This Way to the Egress"

GrandCanyonConcourseApr 10, 2019

It was the Walt Disney film in January

Kman101Apr 09, 2019

THIS! They have that little Xbox room as well ... it makes much more sense there. Walt Disney Presents is too much of a hodgepodge now.

Jones14Apr 09, 2019

I don’t mind them in Hollywood Studios, since they usually have some sort of display with props, costumes, and artwork before you enter the theatre. It gives me old-school MGM vibes with a little peek behind the curtain, but I agree with @Kman101 that it should be where Path of the Jedi is, not here. Even without the meet and greet space, they could use the XBOX room for the exhibits, and it’d have a little more room to breathe on that side of the park.

Kman101Apr 09, 2019

Why not? A place to sit in the AC and you can watch a preview ... I've never done it. I don't mind them ... Movie previews and M&G's are keeping Walt Disney Presents open ... of course, a permanent attraction would be better. I feel like movie previews would have been better in Path of Jedi, with a rotating meet and greet where Olaf is ... but hey, what do I know? Doesn't seem like they're in any hurry to add different theater attractions in the two open theaters ...

ThatMouseApr 09, 2019

This is why I could never get a job in sales & marketing. Why would people at a theme park walk into a theater to watch a movie preview?

DreamfinderGuyApr 09, 2019

Is this theatre ever going to be used for something that isn’t previews again?