'The Nutcracker and the Four Realms' preview now playing at Walt Disney Presents

Oct 05, 2018 in "Walt Disney Presents"

Walt Disney Presents at Disney's Hollywood Studios is now showing a sneak peek of the upcoming “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.”

The preview gives an advance look at 12 minutes from the film with a special introduction by Mackenzie Foy, who plays Clara.

Disney's "The Nutcracker and the Four Realms" arrives in U.S. theaters in 3D on November 2 2018.

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Article Posted: Oct 05, 2018 / 8:47am ET
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Prince ThomasNov 07, 2018

Saw the movie yesterday and didnt like it. The storyline was all over the map and they didnt develop the characters enough. But i will say it was visually stunning!!!

Mouse TrapNov 05, 2018

You said it yourself "Alice 1" MADE 243 million. So there was reason to take a chance on future films. Nutcracker "1" has made $0. There are virtually no examples in the entertainment business of a film getting sequels/prequels when the original film bombs. We can pick out a few examples, but I'll be able to tell you specifically why. It'll either have to do with merchandise, contracts or back-to-back filming. As much as I wanted this film to do well... it isn't going to.

MisterPenguinNov 05, 2018

Using the (BO/2) - (1.5 x budget) formula, Alice1 made $243 million, while Alice2 lost $105 million. Alice1 got mixed reviews. Alice2 was hated.

Mouse TrapNov 05, 2018

Problem with that theory is Alice made money at the box office. As of now Nutcracker is trending to lose money at the box office.

Mouse TrapNov 05, 2018

Disney CERTAINLY gets better on most other films. Even if it's 55%, I don't think Disney has settled for 50% in a couple years now for any big budget film.

Kman101Nov 05, 2018

Well, you have to remember "bomb by Disney standards" is still a film that probably makes a lot of money ... lol Personally based on my gut reaction to so many Disney films, I know how this one will go, like most of their live action fare. I don't think it'll totally bomb but it's no way going to be a blockbuster or get much buzz. I can see it becoming the new Alice and get a sequel but then drop off and we don't hear anymore about sequels. We'll see how right I will be :D

Kman101Nov 05, 2018

Never understood why they don't do them where they have Path of the Jedi (which was a total waste of space) ... I feel like they put in the meet and greet and movie previews into Walt Disney Presents to keep it open, so while I don't like it, I feel like there was a purpose behind it. Although I also feel the Walt film should be on Main Street at the Magic Kingdom instead of Tinker Bell ...

raymusiccityNov 05, 2018

Time will tell. There are lots of films that recoup at the DVD and general cable release level. Disney has a track record of underappreciated films being accepted years later. The classic example is the early flop of Fantasia, which took a long time before rising to be considered iconic. 😊

Kevin_WNov 05, 2018

Have you seen the trailer for the latest Robin Hood? I asked the same question during that preview.

HauntedPirateNov 05, 2018

IIRC, Disney demanded, and got, 65% of ticket sales with TLJ, plus other demands were met if a theater wanted to screen TLJ. I don't know if they get better than 50/50 on other movies. A $20 million domestic opening, on a $130 million movie, combined with almost across-the-board low review scores? Flop. Can't say I'm shocked, either. Who continues to green-light this crap?

MisterPenguinNov 04, 2018

Yes, I've read Disney is able to force a larger cut for blockbusters, like Star Wars movies, but that implies it doesn't get a larger cut for all movies. Also, I've read that in the international market, production companies get less than 50%. Since I was dealing with wordlwide totals, I was just using 50% as a rounding average.

Mouse TrapNov 04, 2018

I'm going to challenge your numbers... Disney has a far more favorable deal with theaters than 50/50. That 50/50 number is a thing of the past especially for Disney. Rumor has it on Star Wars films Disney gets close to 75% of the take. Let's say for this film Disney is getting 65% which is a stretch, but possible. Disney has known for a while this was going to bomb and no one in Burbank lost any sleep over these numbers, so I don't think they spent 60M in marketing as rumored. I think that number is closer to 40M . Even with my numbers and insight they're looking at least a 50M loss. Disney knew this one was DOA and a 50M loss isn't shattering, but nonetheless disappointing. Could've been 50M put towards polishing up the parks.

jt04Nov 04, 2018

i thought I was being very straightforward. We likely won't agree. So no point in continuing. i was banned from this magical place once for actually trolling before I knew that was even a violation. That was over 15 years ago. I understand the rules. Steve and the mom do not hesitate warning me. I will return to this thread after seeing the movie. Thanks.

MisterPenguinNov 04, 2018

That still sounds like you're skewing what you really believe in response to the opinions of others. Which is still trolling. Or lying. Either categorization is appropriate.