Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser model now on display inside Walt Disney Presents at Disney's Hollywood Studios

May 04, 2021 in "Walt Disney Presents"

Posted: Tuesday May 4, 2021 8:29am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Alongside news of Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser opening in 2022, a model of the ship is now on display at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

The model of the Halcyon starcruiser is viewable by guests for a limited time at the Walt Disney Presents exhibit.

The glamorous Halcyon starcruiser, known for its impeccable service and exotic destinations, will be home for the two-day, two-night Star Wars adventure.

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THE 1HAPPY HAUNT8 hours ago

The people were the horrors you saw that day.

Beacon Joe11 hours ago

I didn't imply anything of the sort. Just annoying. People complain about the Brazilians, but I find the streamers and vloggers far, far more annoying. And they were in rare form that day.

kingdead13 hours ago

Before this footage came out, there was some mockery among Star Wars fans, but I think it was tinged with envy over the price point--people thought that this would be a genuinely once-in-a-lifetime experience in the universe of Star Wars that they almost certainly would never get to have. Now it's more anger about where Disney has taken Star Wars as an intellectual property--Disney doesn't get it, they never will, and they expect fans to pay exorbitant amounts of money for a generic experience that is vastly inferior to what's already out there in terms of Star Wars cosplay, LARPing, VR gaming, etc. Unless footage comes out soon that's a big step up, they've managed to further alienate an already wavering audience into going back to "real Star Wars." (That and the different reactions between sponsored influencers and run-of-the-mill nerds isn't helping.)

THE 1HAPPY HAUNT14 hours ago

The horrors you saw that day.

Cesar R M17 hours ago

That was the 50th's Magic Kingdom experience lol. The stores were so full of people. Luckily that caused less people in the attractions. Had mostly 30 minute lines despite the crowds.

Beacon Joe18 hours ago

How to create a Galactic Starcruiser knockoff If you haven't heard of Galactic Starcruiser, it's this super expensive motel next to Hollywood Studios, run by Disney, where rooms are like $100 an hour or more. It's very nice, of course, but most people, like me, can't afford it. Personally, I don't want it. I mean, I want to stay in a themed motel next to Hollywood Studios' parking lot, but I don't want to do it in a $100 per hour windowless motel room. It's too fancy and too much, it's just overwhelming. So I'm thinking, I can create a Galactic Starcruiser knockoff experience for myself for much less money such that I can afford it. So I found this luxury restaurant in EPCOT Center, a park founded by Disney and is 1.5 miles away from Hollywood Studios and costs about $0 and a potential heat stroke to take a Skyliner there. Restaurant Space 220 has an immersive space view, an integrated space elevator ride, space-themed food, and nice hardscaping. It is surrounded by other space-like attractions and is even walking distance from Mission: Space where I can actually pilot a spacecraft and really feel like I'm in space and is walking distance from a ride in the sky in a space-age looking Monorail. Now, I am not advertising EPCOT Center here, but two days at EPCOT Center will cost you $109 per day. So for the price of just over one hour at Galactic Starcruiser, I can enjoy a space-themed experience for an entire day. And $109 per day is rather doable or at least approachable for a lot of people. I'll never be able to afford a $100 per hour motel room. So I'm just talking about it to be talking, being that I'm stuck at home with my WDW trip cancelled for this year and the foreseeable future. But it's fun to talk about, you know? It's not going to happen any time soon because my wife doesn't want to spend a day at Space 220. She is making good money, loves Chefs de France and Garden Grill, and doesn't ever want to eat anywhere else. But we are near retirement age and she can't eat baked brie and endless pot roasts forever, and the moment she quits French and fresh American cuisine I am putting on the pressure! In the mean time, we compromise by watching Stargate SG-1 once a year, but our streaming service has grounded to a halt this year and might not restart for several years. So, what do you think of my Galactic Starcruiser knockoff plan?

Beacon Joe18 hours ago

You just brought back bad memories of when I happened to be at the Polynesian on the day that Trader Sam's reopened, but it was jam-packed full of youtubers and awful "influencer" types for hours and hours.

MisterPenguin19 hours ago

Do you plan to helicopter in?

Skywise20 hours ago

It occurs to me that this would've been something they could've tied Tomorrowland into. They could've made the entrance look like a pastiche of Star Wars and the Space Mountain spaceport... I know they don't want to mix IPs but this wouldn't have been a "mix" per se...

Cesar R M20 hours ago

Speaking of NOPEs. I wonder how many are youtubers, bloggers, and Disney focused sites vs real clients on the first weeks. The space restaurant was completely filled to the seam with bloggers on the first days.

Beacon Joe21 hours ago

I know a guy in that 501st or whatever that Star Wars LARP group is who is in the same boat and reports much the same reaction from his fellow Star Wars nerds. If I were to bet, while the prices probably dampened their enthusiasm, it was after the 1m 35 second mark in that cringe advertisement that made them all finally say, "nope."

Patcheslee21 hours ago

Had 2 coworkers stoked when they first heard about it and we'd discuss updates sometimes. Once the price points came out, they lost interest.

Beacon Joe21 hours ago

That schedule is more rigid than a European river cruise, and looks way more boring.

THE 1HAPPY HAUNT22 hours ago

I Can't wait to see this in a episode of Defunctland in 2 years. Going to be a great episode.