'Eternals' sneak peek now playing at Walt Disney Presents in Disney's Hollywood Studios

Nov 02, 2021 in "Walt Disney Presents"

Eternals at Walt Disney Presents
Posted: Tuesday November 2, 2021 8:50am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney Presents at Disney's Hollywood Studios is now showing a sneak peek of the upcoming movie "Eternals."

Directed by Academy Award winner Chloé Zhao, the super hero movie takes place after the events of "Avengers: Endgame."

"Eternals" opens in theaters November 5 2021.

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ThatMouseNov 03, 2021

If Universal Studios stops using a character or never had it in the first place, it's then fair game for WDW.

RSoxNo1Nov 03, 2021

If the preview is playing at DHS that means these characters can be used in park, it's as simple as that. The Eternals also appeared previously in Walt Disney Presents in 2019.

ImperfectPixieNov 02, 2021

Hubby was appalled that they're using Sersi...his reaction was "she's not one of the Eternals...and she doesn't help people". To be honest, I know literally zero about the Eternals, so I'll see the movie when it comes out on cable or I can stream it at no additional cost...and I may like it. I've found that often, because I have no preconceptions about what "should be" or what already exists in the realm of the Marvel Comics (I never got into comic books), that I am far less critical of the Marvel films than my husband and sometimes enjoy them more than he does.

ToTBellHopNov 02, 2021

Absolutely. They will want something at DHS after Guardians opens next year.

doctornickNov 02, 2021

Eternals shouldn't be among the "families" covered by the Uni contract (though perhaps Sersi specifically might not be allowed to be used). They should in general be free game for WDW. Shang-Chi as well for that matter and we know they used Dr. Strange before. So, there's options if they wanted to do some Marvel stuff in WDW.

HeppenheimerNov 02, 2021

I assume The Eternals were not included in the Universal Marvel contract? If not, I'm sure Disney is hoping this movie lands like the Guardians of the Galaxy so that they could incorporate the characters into the parks (initial reviews don't seem promising to that effect, though).