Relaxation Station coming to EPCOT'S Morocco pavilion

Apr 28, 2021 in "Morocco (Pavilion)"

Posted: Wednesday April 28, 2021 3:49pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Morocco pavilion at EPCOT will be home to a relocated Relaxation Station beginning this weekend.

Relaxation Stations were setup with the reopening of the Disney World theme parks back in July 2020 for a place to sit mask free in a socially distanced location.

The United Kingdom Relaxation Station that is currently using the outdoor seating area for Yorkshire County Fish Shop will close at the end of April 29 to be returned to use for diners at the restaurant.

The Relaxation Station at the Morocco pavilion will open April 30 2021.

The Morocco pavillion location will join those near to Mission SPACe and Akerhus Royal Banquet Hall in the Norway pavilion.

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UNCgolf7 hours ago

Universal has a long history of replacing older rides with something new. I'd rather have Earthquake and the original Kong ride than what's there now too. Normally I'd think E.T. and Revenge of the Mummy didn't have long left (unfortunately, since they're the two best rides in that park), but they may get a reprieve since Universal is building a whole new park.

jagiord17 hours ago

imagine Disney built an Australia area, with a "great barrier reef boat tour" that gets attacked by a Great White, only to be thwarted by a chipper skipper with a grenade gun? Ugh, i'll never forgive Universal Orlando for ripping up Jaws for Transphobic ass J.K. Rowling.

UNCgolf9 hours ago

I completely agree with all of this. Pandora could have been a disaster in the wrong hands, but Rohde managed to make it work. I don't think that will be the case for any future IP-based expansions, at least not to the same extent. Of course some IPs would work better than others (Zootopia would be a complete disaster), but I wouldn't expect to see any of them integrated as well as Pandora is into the greater whole of the park.

Sir_Cliff10 hours ago

I have exactly the same worry, particularly as I think it's currently the strongest park at WDW largely by virtue of being the one that most clearly represents the best of what Imagineering can do. Also agree on Pandora. I honestly still think it was a bad choice for the park, but Joe Rhode seems to have been someone with sufficient internal influence and creative vision to turn it into something compelling that more or less fits. Hard to see anyone else like that around who can do anything like that with whatever difficult addition is proposed in the future. I don't have any illusions something like Australia, South America, etc. would be approved today.

UNCgolf10 hours ago

I'm concerned that the current version of AK is the best it will ever be. I think any expansion, at least under current management, will make the park worse. Pandora was a success in spite of itself because of Joe Rohde, but he's gone. I'd love an Australia area with a similar attention to detail that the rest of the park received, but I won't be holding my breath.

Sir_Cliff11 hours ago

I might be biased, but I really think it would be a natural next addition to Animal Kingdom. With so many ecosystems and unique wildlife, it would have been a great fit that could lend itself to both rides and animal exhibits. It's also one in the current climate that they could do and with minimal care avoid any controversy about cultural appropriation, etc. To keep this vaguely on topic, I'm less convinced Australia would be a great addition to World Showcase as I don't think it would really add anything particularly unique in terms of architecture or culture. My impression, though, was that it has never had much support internally and, more specifically, that Australia/New Zealand was not somewhere that particularly sparked Joe Rhode's imagination. Now with the IP mandate, I doubt we'll get any more "real world" lands at Animal Kingdom for the foreseeable future.

Robbiem12 hours ago

I think Australia or a wider Australasia would make a great area of Animal Kingdom. There are so many unique flora and fauna in that part of the world but I doubt modern Disney would be interested in marsupial or barrier reef exhibits for example so we’d end up with another finding nemo ride

Ragerunner14 hours ago

Take the Aladdin ride at MK and install it in an indoor space in Morocco. Add some projection mapping to the walls while you ‘fly’ over Agrabah and you will have a packed Morocco pavilion (at a very low investment cost). This would also relieve some congestion at the MK, give more seating area for the Dole Whip stand and remove a duplicated ride system in the park.

James Alucobond15 hours ago

I had always seen the area in Animal Kingdom as more of a fusion of Nepal and Tibet, but I honestly have not done any research into what the actual influences were.

Sir_Cliff20 hours ago

I'm not sure anyone is arguing that. This came about more as a discussion about whether it was worthwhile to represent certain parts of the world at World Showcase if they were also represented at Animal Kingdom. One thing I would say is that they should keep the focus on humans' relationship with nature in their showcasing of human culture at AK. Otherwise I do think they can end up falling into that issue of associating certain cultures with the natural world and others with 'civilisation'. DAKL seems fuzzier to me in the context of this discussion as it is supposed to be themed to a lodge in Africa and somewhat separate from the theme parks. A counter case might be somewhere like Australia, where I think you could make the argument that it wouldn't do much to broaden out World Showcase's representation of the world and might, in fact, be more interesting for DAK. I say that as an Australian, too!

LittleBuford21 hours ago

India is represented at Animal Kingdom, for what that’s worth, and some would count Morocco culturally, if not geographically, as part of the Middle East.

LittleBuford21 hours ago

I think I’ve stated at least twice now that I’m arguing for additional representation at Epcot, not the removal of anything at Animal Kingdom.

J45461 day ago

i just made this while bored, involves relocating the italy pavilion. my idea for a massive new venice themed area thats also a massive hotel. hotel is yellow. All the room face inward, towards the venice themed area providing guests with a really immersive experience that hotels and park guests can enjoy. All the building are only 3-4 stories tall so you cant see them from the park. The restaraunts/gift shops/cafes are sprinkled throughout the land, along with fountains and the giant red box on the top is a showbuilding for something. have gondola rides, and maybe the center area is a massive fountain or pool for hotel guests.. I dunno im bored. Then you would have to put a new pavilion in the old italy spot. Also the massive building port is relocated some sort of door mechanism thats the small pink box

CaptainNicko1 day ago

You're the President of AK, right? Make it happen, Cap'n.