Relaxation Station coming to EPCOT'S Morocco pavilion

14 days ago in "Morocco (Pavilion)"

Posted: Wednesday April 28, 2021 3:49pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Morocco pavilion at EPCOT will be home to a relocated Relaxation Station beginning this weekend.

Relaxation Stations were setup with the reopening of the Disney World theme parks back in July 2020 for a place to sit mask free in a socially distanced location.

The United Kingdom Relaxation Station that is currently using the outdoor seating area for Yorkshire County Fish Shop will close at the end of April 29 to be returned to use for diners at the restaurant.

The Relaxation Station at the Morocco pavilion will open April 30 2021.

The Morocco pavillion location will join those near to Mission SPACe and Akerhus Royal Banquet Hall in the Norway pavilion.

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castlecake2.04 days ago

Sadly not enough people know that’s how to experience world showcase, too busy staring at their TikTok boxes

LittleBuford11 days ago

There’s a great deal to see at the pavilion. You just have to open your eyes to it.

castlecake2.011 days ago

I’m confused as to why they have two closed dining venues and then set up a little random cart to sell snacks and drinks.

oogie boogie man12 days ago

Something has to be done with this pavilion. There is nothing to see in it except some divey shops and a little fountain that makes me want to pee.

Bocabear12 days ago

Oh for pete's sake (keeping it PG)

The Empress Lilly13 days ago

I always assumed it was a buttress. A visual clue to the period and building method of the structure. The door itself looks fine, perhaps even good. Its robust arch could retain its function as buttressing support. But just around the corner is the actual entrance door, only five feet away or thereabouts. Plus there is no corresponding door inside, reducing the feature to an outdoor broomstick cabinet.

DreamfinderGuy13 days ago

It's a Mask-Free Zone.

Bocabear13 days ago

What exactly is a "Relaxation Station"? There used to be benches and seating I am not quite getting what this is... Free water and shoulder massages? Cool towels? What?

castlecake2.013 days ago

Is the relaxation station going to be in Marrakech?

dreday314 days ago's...being used for a good thing? That's all i got. :D

JohnD14 days ago

Right. I've been in the Morocco pavilion numerous times and I never once noticed the, um, architectural feature on that wall. I hardly ever went back there except for one time I dined in Restaurant Marrakesh for a Candlelight Processional ticket. So, do we really think most people are going to get riled up by a non-descript door that most will never notice or if they do hardly register?

J454614 days ago

ive never heard anyone complain about lakes/large bodies of water in the parks before....neat.

41223 days ago

I'm sorry, but the themed environment (or what you creatively, dismissively call "facility design") is a HUGE part of why people visit WDW. World Showcase Lagoon is popular largely because of the unique themed environment. If Disney messes up that environment with shortsighted facility design changes™️, then that's worth discussing on this board.