Disney to take over operations of the Morocco Pavilion at EPCOT

Oct 21, 2020 in "Morocco (Pavilion)"

EPCOT Morocco Pavilion overview

According to a statement issued to the Disney Food Blog, Disney will take over operations of the Morroco Pavilion at EPCOT from the existing operating participant.

Jacquee Wahler, VP Communications Walt Disney World Resort, and Rashid Choufani and Rachid Lyazidi, Operating Participants Morocco Pavilion stated, “After many years of working together, we have a mutually agreed arrangement to begin the process of transitioning operations of the Morocco pavilion to Disney. By the end of the year, Disney will assume operations of this important part of EPCOT and under Disney’s operation, the pavilion will continue to honor the rich traditions and legacy it has since it opened.”

Marrakesh Moroccan Restaurant LLC, which is the current operator of the pavilion's dining and merchandise locations, has struggled during the COVID-19 shutdown and subsequent phased reopening. In particular, the Tangierine Cafe closed shortly after its reopening.

Many of the EPCOT pavilion restaurants and stores are operated by third party participants, including those found at China, Mexico, Japan, France and Italy.

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Article Posted: Oct 21, 2020 / 2:24pm ET
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castlecake2.013 days ago

Morocco has been discounting all the merchandise is their shops. Anyone have any ideas on how the transition will take place? Is it possible that they close the pavilion for a while? Also wondering if all the third party employees will be let go and replaced with cast members...

JoeCamel20 days ago

Funny - I have the same opinion of Via Napoli as I do Spice Road. One meal and I have no desire to return. Maybe these types of places are not for me

LastoneOn21 days ago

I know someone who would agree with you. People love Via Napoli - I think its a total waste of time and money. But that's how the world works.

GrandCanyonConcourse21 days ago

I’ve eaten there five times and never had a bad meal

The Lochness Monsta21 days ago

I'd be cool with anything that fits, even a cheap movie starring Borat. :)

MisterPenguin21 days ago

I went to the Wolfgang Puck's Express in DS (now closed) and had awful carbonara there (tasted burnt). Went to Skipper's Canteen and had a horrid noodle soup (the noodles were literally inedible). Never went back to either. OTOH, I've never failed to have an excellent meal at Marrakesh.

JoeCamel21 days ago

True, I never went back, too many other places to spend my money.

MisterPenguin21 days ago

A restaurant is only as good as one's last bad meal there.

Minthorne21 days ago

At Spice Road Table I had lamb sliders there once that were dry hockey pucks. But the other 3 folks I was with loved their meal. So 3 out of 4 stars?

_caleb22 days ago

Only teasing, after the reaction I got with my thumbs-down review. For the record, I have nothing bad to say about Spice Road. Can I be allowed back into the good graces?

JoeCamel22 days ago

Hey! I like T-cafe!

figmentfan42322 days ago

It was a bit pricey for the serving size but what we had was great. I have multiple allergies and it was one of the better places as far as those go.

_caleb22 days ago

Be careful! Few dare to speak ill of the food served in the Morocco Pavilion, and fewer still live to tell the tale!

LSLS22 days ago

After the half marathon, it was the only place with an open reservation. I was shocked how much we all liked it. Way better to me than a lot of the places in epcot.