Construction walls up in the Morocco pavilion as Disney moves to modify a social media photo spot

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Morocco Pavilion refurbishment walls - April 5 2021
Posted: Monday April 5, 2021 10:44am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Construction walls went up at the end of last week in EPCOT'S Morocco pavilion as Disney moves to modify a social media photo spot.

The walls block entrance to the back of the pavilion where work is taking place.

Scaffolding and a work scrim can be seen around the construction area which contains a structure with a suggestive appearance when viewed from certain angles and poses.

Access to the area is also blocked from the other side of the marketplace. The remainder of the Morocco pavilion's walkways are open to guests.

Since taking over the pavilion from the former third party operating participant, Disney has been making small modifications, including a new menu at Spice Road Table, some cosmetic changes to the Gifts of Morocco store, and currently refurbishing the bathrooms.

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castlecake2.05 days ago

You’re right, the difference is in the details :)

Prototype825 days ago

Oh I know. But each layer of dimension was intentional as you walk through that North African street. I hate losing even the smallest detail or piece of texture. It all makes a difference. Believe me, I know there are worse visual problems in World Showcase. Some really bad ones...

castlecake2.05 days ago

Although there are a lot of sight lines that need attention right now, I feel this one isn’t the main culprit. Right now when you stand in Canada you can see soarin, parking lot lights, and the top of beach club

Prototype826 days ago

I would hope it would be modified or replaced with another architectural element. This is ridiculous.

HauntedPirate6 days ago

Side note: That second picture of the Japan pavilion is BEAUTIFUL.

castlecake2.06 days ago

Yes I agree, trees are never going to reach the height of the show building, but depending where they plant them and the angle you are looking at it will hide it from your view. The parking lot example works as they are planted on a raised mound and the building is so far behind that the trees do a good job of blocking that particular sight line, but it’s not going to work for every angle. At the end of the day it is a hideous show building. I was thinking about tree replacement in world showcase the other day as well. In the UK the trees are dwarfing rose and crowns building. They’re due for a replacement, but I’d hate to lose all the shade they provide. Also speaking of trees, Canada really needs some help in that department, the area around the OCanada entrance is looking awful.

FerretAfros6 days ago

While the trees will help soften things around the base, the building is 120' tall. It sticks out well above the natural tree line, and it's nearly impossible that the newly-planted trees will ever grow tall enough to fully obscure it. Even the coloring of the building implies that they know the trees will never grow that tall, since it's only green on the bottom portion before switching to sky blue And even if the new trees do grow tall enough to fully hide the building, then there will be a suspiciously-tall clump of trees on the horizon, which isn't much of an improvement. There's no reason that the coaster's building was required to be that large; they designed the thing from scratch and could have easily opted for a less-impactful design. And even if they decided that the ride "had to" have tall drops that necessitate a large building, there's no reason that it couldn't have been well-themed like other tall structures on property, like Spaceship Earth, Tower of Terror, or Expedition: Everest. By all accounts, this is likely going to be the most expensive single attraction Disney has ever built, and they still couldn't manage anything better than a visible warehouse structure. It's such a waste, all around. Most of those trees have been there since the early 80's and have already reached maturity. It's unlikely that there will be significant growth to hide the remainder of the building. And even if there is, the trees already dwarf their surroundings in the diminutive architecture of World Showcase. While a handful of elements still poke out above the tree line, any sense of scale has long been lost over time, as the landscaping towers over the undersized buildings Japan has some of the largest structures in World Showcase, but even they've lost any sense of scale as the trees have grown in: In the mid-00's, Disneyland removed a lot of its original trees that had outgrown their surroundings over the decades (especially in Town Square and the hub) and replaced them with ones more appropriate to the scale of the park. At first the difference felt drastic, but it quickly became apparent how oversized the trees were, and how much the smaller ones improved the space. Epcot is reaching the age where a similarly large-scale tree replacement project should be considered, to help return more toward the intended design.

castlecake2.06 days ago

I think I read somewhere that Eisner was very upset with himself after seeing what swolphin ended up looking like from inside the park. I think if they REALLY wanted to, a berm in the right spot with the right height would be able to hide it, but doubt it’ll ever happen.

Sir_Cliff6 days ago

I'm willing to let the vegetation grow in a little bit more before singling out the Ratatouille building, but in general it is such a shame that they have screwed up World Showcase's sightlines so much over the years. Obviously the barges take it to a new level, but just imagine how nice it would look if all you could see were the pavilions and trees around the lagoon with no Swolphin, etc. To be honest, this doesn't bother me. Makes me think of the riads in Marrakech with similar facades facing the street and courtyards with lush gardens inside. I'm not sure I remember any looking quite like that from the street, but it reads as credible from my memories of visiting the city.

castlecake2.06 days ago

I was thinking the same, they could have built a corner piece of facade to cover it, as now the trees give away the fake wall. I was also thinking they could add some wavy green design element to the top of the show building that would blend better with the trees so it’s not just a hard corner. While they’re at it I’d love them to add a berm behind Canada to try to block out Soarin a bit more. Saying that, the whole park could benefit from a berm hiding more of the backstage areas, especially from Canada to Japan, and future world east. One final thought, they did plant some pine trees near the east tram drop off area that should help hide guardians from the parking lot once they grow in a bit, they just need to do that to help disguise views from within.

FerretAfros6 days ago

The bamboo does a reasonable job of blocking views from the pathway between Morocco and France, but it's still largely ineffective at blocking views from across the lagoon. In photos, the green color helps the wall disappear to a degree, but in person the hulking mass remains quite noticeable just behind the tree line. Some additional trees could help with this, but the structure seem to be just tall enough that it will always be visible behind the canopy of mature foliage. On the bright side, with the Harmonious barges cluttering up the landscape, the oversized structure on the horizon doesn't stick out as bad as it used to. I agree that the bamboo does a reasonable job of shielding the new structure from view, but it still doesn't do anything to help reinforce the theme of the area. The walls in the foreground are supposed to be building facades; if there's a building attached to them, why is there a wall of plants sticking up just inches behind the wall? Isn't that where the building goes? A more effective solution would have been to put Moroccan themed facades on the structure to imply additional buildings in the distance, similar to what was done on the "front" side of the building facing the new courtyard. Just, you know, executed better. There's just so much about this project that is one missed opportunity after another. And all for an attraction that is "good but not great."

Bocabear7 days ago

So...they are doing nothing to add an attraction to Morocco or plus the pavilion, but they are actually going to remove an architectural feature that has been there since the pavilion opened 37 years ago because some people now think it looks phallic? OMG Who cares... Move a vending cart in front of it... or just follow Elsa's cue and let it go... Spend the money where it is needed... Finish the theming on the Ratatouille warehouse that is visible...that is more offensive to me than something someone says looks like a body part... I feel like we are in middle school....

castlecake2.07 days ago

They’ve planted trees behind the wall so you can no longer see the corner of the show building.

gerarar8 days ago

Ah my bad. Should've read for context haha