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Jun 06, 2003 in "Mission: SPACE"

Kickman77: "To start out, inside the building is amazing. I did not see the lunar rover but the gravity wheel is awesome. Oh well. It seems that have 4 rooms that hold 40 people each. You are split into rows of 4 (which I guess everyone knew by now) and then you enter your first preflight briefing.

Your commander (played by Gary Sinise) goes over your mission. Not only will you experience the most extreme ride in the world but you have a job to do on it. They warn you over and over that it is intense. After your preshow you are taken to the loading platform for your preflight briefing (mainly they just tell you how to load and put on your seatbelt.)

At this point they also tell you what your job is on the ride. Basically when a button infront of you lights up you press it. If you don't press it though, the computer automatically overrides it for you :-) (nice touch)

OK, so now you are put into a pod and the lower the control panel infront of you. They warn you not to turn your head but to focus straight ahead (trust me you need to do this) Then they close the door. All you see is a silver screen and hear some mission control mombo jumbo. Then you tilt upwards as the doors open to reveal that you are looking into a beautiful Florida sky. They count down 3, 2, 1 and liftoff and then holy crap, you feel pushed back into your seat. I have never felt g-forces like that in my life. It really feels like your skin is being pulled back on your face. After a few seconds your actually sustain what I call artificial weightlessness (I do not know how they do this, but I am a large person and it actually felt like I was floating for a brief second) Then you launch the second rockets to slingshot around the moon. Again with these amazing g-forces. After you are headed in the right path you are put into hyper sleep and will awake in 3 months.

Three months later you awake in the middle of a meteor shower They call for evasive manoeuvres and you fly left to right. You then fire rockets to enter the atmosphere of Mars and again with the g-forces. Then the computer looses control and that is where the little joystick you guys have seen in the pictures is needed. They tell you which way to turn it. and you land. There is a little surprise at the ending but I do not want to ruin the whole experience for everyone.

All I have to say is the ride is the BEST!!!!! theme park ride I have been on in a long time. It it finally feels like the Disney of old with how they have outdone themselves. Trust em folks this attraction is awesome. Everyone that came off went right back into line (I know I did a couple times and was late coming back from lunch hehehehe)"
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