Post show description

Sep 02, 2002 in "Mission: SPACE"

Posted: Monday September 2, 2002 by WDWMAGIC Staff
The following is a description of the attraction post show.

"The "game" is called Space Race. There are 2 teams with 12 computer type labs for each team. Each lab can hold up to 3 people, meaning that this "race" can hold up to at least 50 people or more, depending on your party size. The two teams are called Triton and Orion. Each team is divided into two different sections. Astronauts and Mission Control. Since it is a race, the point of the game is to win. Each team is represented by a spaceship. The race starts off on Mars, then ends at the International Space Station. During the middle of the race something goes wrong and the ships break down. Here comes Mission Controls role. Mission Control must use there labs and try to repair the ship. It is divided into 4 different colors. Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. Once Control gives the necessary colors to the Astronauts, they place it on the spaceship where it is necessary. Once you reach 100%, you get a boost. These boosts make your spaceship go faster. The point is to get as many boosts as possible to make it to the International Space Station first

There is also an interactive play area for kids (and adults can enjoy it too). It also has Postcards that you can send from space"