Mission SPACE testing a no G Force version of the experience

May 02, 2006 in "Mission: SPACE"

Over the past few months, there have been some interesting testing sessions taking place in bay 4 over at Mission: SPACE. During quiet times and after hours, WDI and WDW Engineering have been experimenting with running the ride without any G forces from the centrifuge. This is achieved by the centrifuge not rotating during the ride. All other functions of the capsule remain as they currently are, including the movement of the actual capsule on the centrifuge arm. The aim of this testing is to check for feasibility of having the option for guests to ride either the G-Force edition of M:S, or the much tamer no G-Force edition. In this scenario, there would be 2 routes through the queue, allowing guests to choose their experience. The flexibility of the ride system would also allow a ride bay to be switched to either mode quickly, depending on the demand from either queue.

It is important to note from this that the original ride experience is not being removed, nor is it being toned down. Disney are just considering the option of providing a "no G-Force" alternative for those guests who do not meet the current ride requirements, or are afraid to ride the full force Mission: SPACE. Guests would still be able to ride the full, original version of the attraction.

The results of the testing are not yet available, and currently there is no official confirmation about the possibility of this moving ahead.
Article Posted: May 02, 2006 /