Miss Adventure Falls remains closed after accident before Christmas

Dec 26, 2018 in "Miss Adventure Falls"

Posted: Wednesday December 26, 2018 3:32pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Miss Adventure falls at Typhoon Lagoon remains closed following an accident on the water slide on December 8.

Local Orlando TV stations reported at the time that a 44 year old man's arm became trapped in the ride's conveyor belt. The ride has been closed since, and looks likely to remain closed until after the park's annual refurbishment which begins in January.

Miss Adventure Falls, which opened in March 2017, features two firsts for a Disney water park ride - a conveyor lift to the top of the ride, and an audio animatronic figure.

Check out this video for a first look at the ride in action.

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MansionButler84Mar 17, 2019

This should reopen tomorrow.

Jon81ukJan 02, 2019

No, completely different. Kali and most theme park rapids rides use solid fibreglass seats on a rubber ring, Storm Surge has inflatable rafts. Kali and most rapids use wooden slats as a coveyor to lift the raft up the hill, storm surge and Miss Adventure use conveyor belts. Storm Surge and Miss Adventure falls has the inflatable rafts ride down fibreglass troughs. Kali has concrete channels for rafts to float down. Storm Surge is similar to Miss Adventure Falls but made for clothed guests. Kali and all rapids rides like that (Blutos Barges etc) are an entirely different type of ride.

twilight mitsukJan 02, 2019

S similar to kali

Jon81ukJan 02, 2019

Yes I think you are right the conveyor does look wider. Also of course Storm Surge is a theme park water ride, so the walls of the rafts are built higher with a "seat" ring inside. The waterpark ride you are sat on the floor of the raft with lower walls so its easier to get an arm outside as well.

ThanksPhoeniciansJan 02, 2019

This classic comes to mind whenever there's a story like this.

TwilightZoneJan 02, 2019

Maybe my eyes are fooling me, but it seems like Miss Adventure Falls' conveyor belt is wider than this one. I could be wrong though!

Jon81ukJan 02, 2019

There are plenty of rides where you do ride up the conveyor at other parks. Cypress Gardens used to have one (Storm Surge) before the park was converted to Legoland and the ride is now at Thorpe Park in England.

peter11435Jan 01, 2019

Can you elaborate or provide a source?

mimitchi33Dec 31, 2018

Maybe it was a control failure?

Bob HarlemDec 31, 2018

The fellow in the raft was following the rules, what happened shouldn't have happened at all. There's a good chance the entire conveyor system will be replaced.

flynnibusDec 31, 2018

Well be amazed.., people have had hand injuries and left boats a lot. A hand injury happened just a few years ago

The Empress LillyDec 31, 2018

Maybe they remembered why they used to let guests walk up stairs while transporting only the tubes on a conveyer belt. It's a shame, for me the one redeeming factor of this lame ride is not having to haul up 6 million flights of stairs.

MovieloverDec 31, 2018

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_incidents_at_Walt_Disney_World "On July 10, 2014, a 12-year-old boy from the United Kingdom was hospitalized after losing the tips of his ring and pinky fingers on his right hand while riding the Pirates of the Caribbean. The guest had his hand outside of the ride vehicle at the time of the incident. "

TwilightZoneDec 31, 2018

I'm sure there have been cases, we just never heard of them due to one reason or another.