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Mar 13, 2017 in "Miss Adventure Falls"

Miss Adventure Falls
Posted: Monday March 13, 2017 8:50am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's first new water park attraction since Crush 'n' Gusher back in 2005, Miss Adventure Falls brings a much needed family raft ride to Typhoon Lagoon.

Built on previously unused land between the old Shark Reef and Crush 'n' Gusher, Miss Adventure Falls combines two firsts for a Disney water park, a conveyor lift hill and an audio-animatronic figure.

The adventure begins in a small outdoor queue area that is nicely landscaped complete with some set pieces, and fits in perfectly with the tropical surroundings.

Each treasure raft seats four guests, with the posted slide rules stating it is for 2 - 4 passengers, although single riders were riding alone yesterday.

One of the great parts about Miss Adventure Falls is that you don't have to carry a raft anywhere, and anyone who has ridden Crush 'n' Gusher will really appreciate this.

Guests board the free-floating raft in a shallow pool, before ascending the conveyor lift. The rafts are relatively easy to climb into, and a Cast Member is on hand to assist. There are numerous straps around the raft to hold onto, and cast members ask that riders hold at least one.

Most riders probably wont really be all that interested in the story, but Miss Adventure Falls brings to life the story of Captain Mary Oceaneer, a treasure-hunting heroine who got stranded with her pet parrot at Typhoon Lagoon years ago by a rogue storm. 

As you are transported in the treasure rafts to the top of the slide, you will pass by Mary's wrecked ship where her animatronic parrot is talking alongside their treasures. From there, you will take them through twists, turns and dips, passing by deep-sea artifacts Captain Oceaneer collected on her many treasure hunts around the world.

Total ride time is 2 minutes, with 1 minute spent on the conveyor lift, and 1 minute descending down the actual slide. The high capacity ride system seems like it will keep wait times short, with posted wait times averaging around 5 minutes yesterday, when the nearby Crush 'n' Gusher had 20 minute waits.

There are a couple of tunnels in the dark, and lots of twists and turns, although not large drops. There is nothing extreme about the slide, and it really is the perfect family experience - ideal for those with young children (and there is no height requirement). Those looking for a white-knuckle ride will not find it here however.

You can check out a full on-ride POV of Miss Adventure Falls in the video below.

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cheezbatApr 08, 2017

I don't see anything wrong with this addition, but I hope they add something a bit more exciting in the future.

AbsimilliardApr 08, 2017

Think about it: at Typhoon Lagoon, the previous addition were the MasterBlaster slides with height restriction. Adding this no height restriction attraction bring balance and gives the park a proper family raft slide, something it had been missing.

cheezbatApr 08, 2017

So every ride built in the Disney waterparks from here on in need to be for families with little kids? It just gives kids something to look forward to as they get older. I get so tired of everything having to be for the kids. When I was a kid there were tons of things at the parks I visited that I couldn't ride, but it just gave me something to look forward to as I got older.

ravenApr 06, 2017

Darn that "family" limitation on their ideas, eh?

AbsimilliardApr 05, 2017

Proslide Cloverleaf rafts usually require a 47-48 inches height restriction due to the shape of the tube and opening size. My tiny niece who was barely 48 inches tall had a hard time on a Tornado slide at the local waterpark. Why do you think Disney went with a prototype slide that use round rafts for Miss Adventure Falls? It was the only way they could get away with no height restriction.

WDWBigEdApr 05, 2017

We just rode this yesterday. Posted 30 minute wait time. Which I think was more around the 18 - 20 minute wait. The ride it self is nice. It feels shorter and more tame compared to Teamboat Springs at BB. They have lights set up around the turns so I need to come see it at night, but the ride it self was missing out of the semi thrill Teamboat Springs gives. Once we went up in our raft we never changed positions. I was always facing forward. At Teamboat Springs we never seem to stay in the same spot we started in. Don't get me wrong this was still a fun ride and was much needed. Personally I don't think I would wait more then 30 for the ride. Now my thoughts go to wondering what they are going to do with the empty space where Shark Reef was.

mergatroidMar 23, 2017


MonorailManMar 23, 2017

Proslide does have some very thrilling rides and a Mammoth Bowl or a Tornado would be awesome in a Disney waterpark, I just don't think that Disney wants those kinds of rides in their waterparks. I think that if they were interested in rides like those, they would've done it already. A funnel slide would be great for Typhoon; theme it like you are in the typhoon and it could be done really well. On the flip side, Disney could also be waiting to see how well Volcano Bay is received, with regards to lack of theming but abundance of thrill rides, and I think that will shape what Disney does with their waterparks in the coming years.

rushtest4echoMar 22, 2017

Yes. And I've never said that the parks theming is awful. That would be idiotic. It's clearly one of, if not, the best themed water park in the US. I was commenting on the specific tower. Though the park isn't nearly finished when I was up on that particular slide tower (and obviously still isn't). The roof and handrailings needed to be installed but I didn't see any opportunity to block the view of the apartments or much in the way of theming the tower itself or the ride beyond the thatched roof. I'm glad that they'll be using a heavy amount of vegetation to block some of the views, but it's going to be difficult on the tallest standalone towers in the park. If we're going to start measuring VB against Disney's offerings (and we should), then I should at least be allowed to say that the placement and lack of theming on that particular tower is really bad. And it is. Oh don't get me wrong, I personally would KILL to get a hydromagnetic mammoth with a bowl element at Typhoon Lagoon. I just don't think that Disney wants stuff like that at Typhoon or Blizzard (or is willing to invest the money needed, either way it doesn't look likely any time soon). I want to be wrong on that notion though! While a slide like that would be awesome at Disney, I think it's better suited for Sea World or obviously Volcano Bay. That one in particular is one of the most violent slides I've ever been on. Something smaller and a bit less extreme but similar to that crazyness would be my ideal next slide for BB or TL! They could go nuts with story/theming on a slide like that too!

csmat99Mar 22, 2017

So you actually walked through VB to base your opinion the theming is awful? Try waiting until the park opens and see for yourself. And Disney hasn't done much of anything with regards to innovation in years. Oh wait the new dumbo addition sure knocked it out of the park. Or the 5 years to build a land in AK.

cheezbatMar 22, 2017

Why wouldn't you want a Proslide Mammoth Bowl ride at a Disney waterpark if it was highly themed? I personally think Disney needs to start looking at those kinds of rides and put their imagineers to the test.

Princess LeiaMar 22, 2017

Oh Action Park. My favorite water park to read about.

rushtest4echoMar 22, 2017

The manly man's water slide.

Goofyque'Mar 21, 2017

LOVE to go upside down!!! Just don't think every attraction needs to. (Although how awesome would "It's a Small World" be?!?)