Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios

Jul 15, 2017 in "Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway"

Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway concept art

Disney has today announced that a new ride dedicated to Mickey Mouse is coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios.

The ride will make extensive use of new screen technology that Disney is calling 2 1/2D, with no 3D glasses required. The new ride will replace the Great Movie Ride, which will have its final day of operation August 13 2017.

On Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, you’ll step through the movie screen and join Mickey and his friends like never before. The attraction will put you inside the wacky and unpredictable world of a Mickey Mouse Cartoon Short where you’re the star and anything can happen. This zany out-of-control adventure features surprising twists and turns, dazzling visual effects and mind-boggling transformations that happen before your very eyes.

The attraction is inspired by the Mickey Shorts that you can see on the Disney Channel. And the people who bring you the shorts at Disney Television Animation are partnering with Walt Disney Imagineering to help bring the attraction to life.

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway will feature a new story and a new singable attraction theme song as well as a new experience WDI is calling “2 1/2 D.” No glasses required. Walt Disney Imagineer Kevin Rafferty said teams are inventing new technologies that turn the flat world of a colorful cartoon short into a “dimensional display of amazingness.”

“This is one of the boldest…most impossible things I’ve ever worked on in almost 40 years of being an Imagineer. And you know what? That’s what I love about it. Well, that, and Mickey,” Kevin said. “This is not going to be a small attraction, it’s going to be game-changing.”

August 13, 2017 will be the final day of operation for The Great Movie Ride presented by Turner Classic Movies.

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Article Posted: Jul 15, 2017 / 6:42pm EDT
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Touchdown8 hours ago

Just because the building is a different shape doesn’t mean it can’t be a clone, the transitions in the first half of the ride are done in black box areas for the most part and the preshows and indoor queue could be configured differently.

MisterPenguin9 hours ago

You're not buying into the rumors in the DL forums that they will delete or add one or more rooms? The DL building's footprint is longer and narrower than DHS's warehouse.

marni197110 hours ago


SonnyEcipse11 hours ago

Anyone know if Disneyland‘s Runaway Railway is confirmed to be a clone or not?

SonnyEcipse5 days ago

Well dang. They must’ve gotten it back up quick. Sorry for the misinformation.

DCBaker5 days ago

It's also not closed...

lazyboy97o5 days ago

This is not the first time the ride has gone down.

lazyboy97o6 days ago

They reported on permits, one of which is for minor electrical work that happens all of the time around the property. The sign permit is possibly more interesting but also just a sign. None of this points to an update to the attraction.

SonnyEcipse6 days ago

No, Inside the Magic reported about it a few days back. Permits have even been released to prove it.

SplashZander6 days ago

You're probably mixing up Disneyland's MMRR that is currently under construction and HS's MMRR.

SonnyEcipse6 days ago

Interested to see the full extent of the construction update I heard about that’s coming soon.....as the ride has only opened a little under a year ago.

MisterPenguin9 days ago

One time in the interrogation line, a CM told a guest to stand behind me. I was wearing a red backpack, and so he said, "Get behind the red backpack." I said, "Hey, I'm more than just a red backpack." CM: "Where's the rebel base." Me: "What rebel base?" CM: "You're nothing more than just a red backpack."

jagiord19 days ago

I love when Cast Members really get to have fun and play up a character. It's probably the former cast member in me, but it's truly a gem when CM's go above and beyond to really sell a land, experience, or an attraction. Good for her.

AL2000HS11 days ago