PHOTOS - Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway 'Coming Soon' posters up at The Chinese Theatre

Aug 15, 2017 in "Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway"

Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway coming soon posters up at The Chinese Theatre
Posted: Tuesday August 15, 2017 11:10am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

"Coming Soon" posters are now up around The Chinese Theatre as work begins on transitioning the building from The Great Movie Ride to Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway.

The Great Movie Ride sign above what was the standby entrance has been removed, but the main neon signs on the front of the building remain.

Disney has moved quickly to put up the new signage to help guests expecting to find The Great Movie Ride. 

The recently added TCM photo op location has also been replaced with some Mickey and Minnie art.

Although work will no doubt soon be underway inside the building, the front of the building will need to remain accessible at least through the holidays, as dessert parties will be held in the courtyard.

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CastAStone3 days ago

I do appreciate that they tried their best to theme a service hallway. The portraits help.

MansionButler843 days ago

I prefer what they’ve done in WDW over DL. Not that DL had a choice.

Magic Feather3 days ago

HM’s problem is waaaaay worse. No stretching room until no distancing necessary.

disneygeek903 days ago

Same problem with HM?

Magic Feather3 days ago

Back when it was 1 part per car, they barely could do it, but it was a risk. With every row loaded, no chance.

disneygeek905 days ago

I may be making this up but I thought they wouldn't be able to keep the loading room full if they only fed preshows in with so few groups.

gerarar5 days ago

By February *. (*year omitted on purpose and for vagueness)

180º5 days ago

Time to place your bets on whether Mickey and Minnie get their pre-show back with the upcoming reduction of social distancing!

yensidtlaw19699 days ago

Speaking of the Ceiling . . . Could you imagine?: Thanks, Photoshop!

The Aracuan Bird9 days ago

If there was any single IP to replace The Movie Ride, it was Mickey. I totally believe the Mouse can fit well in that space. But it should’ve been the Mickey that was a Hollywood star; the one that paved the way for things to come. Not the TV show that loosely emulates the old Mickey on a tighter budget. At least it’s not the plastic Clubhouse Mickey.

trainplane39 days ago

I finally got to ride this. Waited 25 minutes. It's cute. It's literally the definition of "fine ride, wrong location". It'll fit in perfectly in DL's Toontown and is a really great addition for there. The weird looking Mickey and Minnie AA things look odd in person too. The ride is certainly lacking for being the centerpiece of the park. And the ceiling surprisingly did bug me (I didn't look at the last few pages since the ceiling discussion came up). I'd wait 25 minutes again to do it but would never waste a FP on it.

Jones1410 days ago

Yeah, this is what I mean. It doesn’t read as the edge of the screen in person, it reads as there being an overhang blocking the very top of the cabin from view. Why it’s there I’m not entirely sure, but it doesn’t read as a problem or mistake in person at all. It’s one of the best uses of the tech in the whole ride.

yensidtlaw196910 days ago

For sure - but since they didn't they should at least mask things in a show-level fashion.

DisneyExpert10 days ago

I agree. I've found this complaint to be largely based on only seeing videos of the ride. There is no single screen that "ends" there, but multiple layered screens acting together to create a 3D illusion, which go pretty far up into the shell of the engine prop. In person, what people are perceiving as the "edge" of the screen comes across pretty clearly as a dimensional prop that is part of the train, which obscures the actual edges of the screens above it. Honestly, I wish they had used this method of projecting for more of the ride, to give it more of a 3D feel, instead of primarily just projecting stuff onto walls. A similar technique is used in Na'vi River Journey and I think it mostly works very well there.