VIDEO - Take a ride aboard Mickey and Minnie's Runway Railway

Mar 03, 2020 in "Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway"

Posted: Tuesday March 3, 2020 8:31pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has released the first video showing some of the pre-show and in-ride experience at Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway opening March 4 2020 at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

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GrandCanyonConcourse16 hours ago

I think that’s the only row I wasn’t on! Lucky break. 😂

disneygeek9016 hours ago

Each car definitely gets a different view. My personal preference is car 4>3>1>2 Two is definitely the worst imo.

GrandCanyonConcourse16 hours ago

Does when it’s trackless

peter1143522 hours ago

If you lowered the ceilings they would just become more noticeable

Magicart8722 hours ago

it shouldn't. But it does.

WondersOfLife22 hours ago

I dont remember... but it shouldn’t matter. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Goofyernmost22 hours ago

Only if you are looking up and that brings up the question of why are you looking up with so many bright colors and actions happening in level vision? There was a huge uproar about the Mermaid ride and it's naked ceiling. I tried more then once to have the ceiling bother me during the ride and it had no affect at all. I was there to see the show, not the underside of the roof.

TikibirdLand23 hours ago

Because it's so glaring that it's distracting?

Goofyernmost1 day ago

Why, when there are so many sets and show activities to see would you be spending your time looking at the ceiling.

GrandCanyonConcourse1 day ago

What row did you sit in? After three rides I found the middle and back are best while the front is a little before the action.

EeyoreFan#242 days ago

It’s way better than the small world one. As ceilings go I guess you could say it’s up there at the top.

GrandCanyonConcourse3 days ago

Went on it again and purposely looked at the ceilings. Still a fantastic ride and only noticeable in a few rooms

lazyboy97o7 days ago

The office space is only on one part of the building, it does not span the entire building.

co100647 days ago

When I rode it one of the first things I noticed was how high the ceilings were... they just felt unnecessarily high (obviously a product of re-using the show building). I'll be interested to see if the ceilings become lower in the DLR version. Based on what we've see with construction so far, the ceilings look to be equally high, but it's possible office space will be built as a level 2.