PHOTOS - First detailed look inside Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway

Mar 03, 2020 in "Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway"

Inside Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway

Disney has just released a large batch of images shot inside Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway - the new ride debuting March 4 2020 at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Click the gallery for a detailed look inside Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway.

Also check out our ride through description of Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway.

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Article Posted: Mar 03, 2020 / 8:08pm ET
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MisterPenguin2 hours ago

I'll start demolishing the Haunted Mansion pronto.

RobWDW19713 hours ago

These “giant warehouse” rides are a very bad direction.

mickEblu3 hours ago

I know. It’s just been so many fails in a row I’m starting to wonder if Hunny Hunt (and to a lesser extent Mystic Manor) was an exception to the rule. If you see something fail 3-4 times in a row do you want them to try for # 5 with the next IP or try something else?

Brer Oswald3 hours ago

I don’t think they need to retire the system. They just need to utilize it better.

mickEblu4 hours ago

This is pretty much my take from viewing the ride throughs. It’s official: they need to retire the trackless ride system. Hunny Hunt was an outlier.

Figments Friend5 hours ago

It's probably already been mentioned, but the queue outside for this Attraction can be brutal on a bright warm day. Be prepared. Experienced this today. Twice. Queue was huge ( 80 minute time posting, actual wait 50 minutes ) with periods of concrete baking in the sun...but there are breeze blowing fans and nice shaded areas under the trees and umbrellas. Just a forewarning. My thoughts on the Attraction? I went in completely 'spoiler free', except for the pre-show which I watched on YouTube prior to arrival since i had been told it is not currently operating. Too bad, as it's a fun way to come into the start of the Attraction. 'Spoiler free' opinions - It's .....okay. Didn't feel it was worth the hour long wait and the hype...but your milage may vary. I'm a old school WED-head, so my thoughts in it may not mesh with the majority. But I gotta say, my first experience after riding this left me cold. It was loud, it was brash, it was slightly unsettling........and kinda meh for me. The 'show' itself wasn't what was being presented, it was basically just an excuse to show off the hip 'new' trackless ride vehicle system. So the real star of the 'show' was the ride vehicles....and their interaction with the screens. Whoopie.... Big rooms filled with 'screens'...and synchronized ride vehicles. Meh. Wasn't a fan the first time around. Disapointed somewhat. Decided to give it another try later in the day. This time the wait was about 30 or so minutes, so gave it another go before passing my final thoughts on the experience. It's wacky fun....but it's still kinda 'meh' for me. Just not overly crazy about it, but I did enjoy it slightly more the second time around. So maybe this one will grow on me. Goofy is the star here, for sure. For now, it is upsetting that this much hyped Attractions replaced 'The Great Movie Ride'. They should have built this 'Runaway Railway' in a different space and let 'TGMR' in the Chinese Theater. But I digress....that's has probably already been stated by others. -

CalebS5 days ago

Rode it twice this week. Posted wait times were 65 and 70 minutes. We waited 30 and 35 minutes. Just FYI for those heading to HS

Surferboy5675 days ago

You know what is funny. As I was typing this I imagined this exact situation as well as when the cast goes to get the gem in the Indy scene.

MisterPenguin5 days ago

You there, get outta the car, missy.... Wait, where ya going, toots? You forgot to sanitize your station on the way out!

peter114355 days ago

Yep plus spieling through a mask and a shield would have been problematic.

Surferboy5675 days ago

You seem to be forgetting the constant on and off of the tour guides. Plus the actors switching.

insert name here6 days ago

The GMR would have run flawlessly in the COVID era. The bank robbers could wear bandana face masks that fit right into the story.

Surferboy5676 days ago

I really miss “Nothing can stop us now” really loved that short. I have the song and listen to it now and again. Maybe they can fit SLIGHTLY more people in without a preshow, but it is such a good one it should be included.

mickEblu6 days ago

Those must have been the same dweebs who want Splash Mountain gone. The same dweebs who were running to get a Splash Mountain FP in January before it was racist. Dweebs.