'Disney Stars at Red Carpet Dreams' removed from Genie+ line-up at Disney's Hollywood Studios

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Mickey and Minnie Starring in Red Carpet Dreams walkthrough
Posted: Friday May 13, 2022 7:17am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

'Disney Stars at Red Carpet Dreams' at Disney's Hollywood Studios has been removed from the Disney Genie+ Lightning Lane line-up at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

The Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse meet and greet began offering Lightning Lane access via Disney Genie+ on March 11 2022 and was removed end of May 12 2022. We understand the Lightning Lane was causing operational challenges and the decision was made to revert to a single queue. The Olaf meet and greet remains available as a Genie+ selection.

Red Carpet Dreams reopened with Minnie Mouse in late November 2021 as indoor meet and greets returned to Walt Disney World.

The updated line-up for Genie+ at Disney's Hollywood Studios is as follows:

Individual Lightning Lane Entrances

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

Disney Genie+ Lightning Lane Entrances

Alien Swirling Saucers
Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage
Disney Junior Play & Dance!
For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration
Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular
Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway
Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run
Muppet*Vision 3D
Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith
See Olaf at Celebrity Spotlight
Slinky Dog Dash
Star Tours - The Adventures Continue
The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
Toy Story Mania!

Disney Genie+ is an option within the Disney Genie service that makes the former FastPass line available at select attractions, now called Lightning Lane. At Walt Disney World, the introductory pricing is $15 per ticket per day. Certain headline attractions are not part of Genie+, and Lightning Lane access at those attractions requires an Individual Attraction purchase which varies in prices.

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mattpeto4 hours ago

Bing. Better than when you are there…

crazy4disney5 hours ago

I used it this past November. I felt i was on my phone more than i was with FP+. With FP+ after our 3 or even the 2nd to try & move up the 3rd etc. The phone times were quick a few refreshesto see what was available & choose. Genie to me is nothing like that seems like you are constantly looking for something worthwhile or closer to your next time slot.

MickeyLuv'r5 hours ago

Semi-recent. We did not buy G+ for Epcot. I did buy ILL for Rat in Epcot. My experience might not match others though...it took over an hour to get my ticket at GS for some reason, and that was a mid-day arrival. That was also during Flower Fest though, so I accepted sampling of a few foods was going to be part of our day. The park looked nice, but the topiaries weren't quite as exciting as prior years. Rat, TT, and Soarin' had solid waits. Next day, we arrived for EE- but Epcot opened a few min before it was officially supposed to open- AND my ticket did not work, so we got held up a bit. By the time we got to Rat on 2nd day, wait was pretty long. I think we waited about 45-50, which is not something we'd normally do. Curiously, that was also extra hours night in Epcot. So we rode Rat a third time that night and only waited like 5-10minutes! Again, say the PM 2 extra hours were the best part of going to WDW right now. (Only stayed deluxe the min nights we needed.) Otherwise, Imagination had some wait, but probably only 10-15min. Soarin' had a decent wait during reg park hours. For TT, we now mostly do single rider. I don't care about designing a car. In the morning, SE had a wait, but nothing when we went on it. Nemo was walk-on. the first day, we made a point of seeing Harmonious. I agree with what others have said. Illuminations was long-overdue for an update, but Harmonious is not a great replacement. The prior fireworks could be seen form whole lagoon and beyond. Now much of the show is like the one at Universal in that if you can't see the screen, you miss most of it. The music also isn't as cohesive. It was okay, but not a must-see like prior shows were. (Illuminations/Wishes/HappilyEA) When we did use G+, I did a little refreshing. Taking the first G+ you see is often a mistake- except if you get SDD or GGCRewind. If you get either of those, book INSTANTLY. Before your visit, play around with G+. That will give you a baseline of how G+ offerings jump around, and trends of how quickly waits grow. Though you can't really trust what you see, it at least gives you a baseline. when you actually go to book, times jumpt way more than that. With FP+, you could book, then modify. So it paid to keep looing. With G+, if you don't book, refreshing sometimes = watching times slip further and further away from you. It is a bit of a sinking feeling

MickeyLuv'r6 hours ago

SQUIRREL! People tend to want to visit the newest big ride at WDW. Two months ago, parkgoers were focused on getting Rise. Now they will be focused on GGCRewind. CCRR is the new 'lottery' item the masses are trying to 'win.' every day. HS might be better. In which case, Epcot might now be like HS was. So I'd keep watching what people are saying about Epcot. Though if you can't get in GGCR, at least at that time of year- I think you said late November- at least you'll be able to see all the holiday stuff Epcot has.

kong18027 hours ago

I believe he is saying 7 days before your vacation. Still not great, mind you, but it would save you from having to wake up and plan this madness during your vacation.

Rteetz8 hours ago

That doesn't sound like a vacation...

mattpeto8 hours ago

I had tremendous success last week with Genie+ and PH. MK and AK might be the best combo you can do. DHS is a great stacking park.

PeopleMoverLover9 hours ago

Yeah, see we are the same way, we are going for 8 days in the park this time which is the longest we have ever gone and we are hoping to be able to go much slower and relax more than when we went for 4 and a half days in the park in August. We are still going to rope drop every morning and stay until close every night because its Disney and that's what we have always done and its fun for us 😂 But since we are going for this long this time, we are thinking about having a resort day in the middle to just refresh and explore Port Orleans while going to Disney Springs that night. Still debating on that as well. But yeah if we do decide to purchase Genie+ I will definitely take your approach and not sit there and be constantly refreshing, etc.

dreday310 hours ago

I mean, for us! But we are pretty easy-going on vacation, so we weren't really stressing about getting good times or anything. We saw what we could get, booked it and then decided later if we wanted to go on it or not. That's the beauty of longer trips. 😂 I think other people are constantly refreshing, etc., to get the best times.

PeopleMoverLover10 hours ago

Interesting, thank you! So it would be very similar to fass pass+ in terms of how much you are on your phone trying to get the next lightning lane? Also, my wife and I went in August of 2021 before Genie+ had come back and I honestly was dreading mobile ordering (because of the phone thing) but it honestly wasn't bad at all and we got our food a lot faster. So maybe my same initial reservations about Genie+ are wrong as well?

PeopleMoverLover10 hours ago

Yes, we do. We usually do Disney as going to one park until about 2:00 and then hop to another park for supper. So we usually do 2 parks in one day every day. That's another thing I'm wondering about with Genie+ because I don't want reservations for later in the day since we will be in a different park by then.

dreday310 hours ago

I wasn't on the phone any more than I was for fast pass +. In the morning when I made initial reservations, then either 2 hours later or when I tapped in at a ride to see what else I can get. Honestly, I was using the phone more for my mobile orders!

mattpeto10 hours ago

Do you have Park Hopping?

PeopleMoverLover10 hours ago

Is there anyone who has gone recently that did not purchase Genie+ at all and would care to share their experience with me? Still trying to sort through all the options. If it helps our trip is our going to have two people, just me and my wife. On the flip side can anyone tell me their experience if it caused you to be on your phone a lot during the day with Genie+? I'm not too hung up on the $30 it would cost us, it's more so I don't want to have to be on my phone a lot. Call me old fashioned but I think that is really where my problem boils down to