Center Street refurbishment continues on Main Street U.S.A. at Magic Kingdom

Jul 22, 2022 in "Main Street, U.S.A."

Center Street concrete work - July 20 2022
Posted: Friday July 22, 2022 9:09am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Here is the latest look at the slow-moving Center Street repaving project on Main Street U.S.A. at Magic Kingdom.

Despite most of the main path being removed, walkways along each side of Center Street give access to the stores and windows.

The project began in mid-May 2022, with no word yet on a completion date.

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JoeCamel9 days ago

Yeah, I think they had to do a lot of waterproofing and it takes time without shutting everything down.

Disney Analyst9 days ago

I have to assume something has happened? Supply issues? Issues with the roof itself? There is no way this is taking this long on purpose...

JoeCamel9 days ago

Well Universal as usual is quicker.... Just admire that perfect color match :banghead:

Animaniac93-989 days ago

This thread started 4 months ago! 😵‍💫

Patcheslee9 days ago

Disney's "honey do" list :)

JoeCamel10 days ago

Looks like they are on the home stretch now, once they start with the field pavers all the prep is done. Lay them up, sand/grout them solid and you are done. Unless they spend two months glazing them to have the perfect shades of grey....

ToTBellHop10 days ago

This is meant to be part of TRON’s extended queue so the turtle and the sloth better team up!

JoeCamel10 days ago

There was a race between a turtle and a sloth......

Nunu10 days ago

We'll see... ;)

ToTBellHop10 days ago

Should be able to finish this up in time for TRON if they hurry.

Nunu10 days ago

Today, 1:30pm:

Superman6811 days ago

Holy Cow! I had assumed this had been finished ages ago. I’ve always wanted to see all of Main Street get the pavers, but if they announced it tomorrow, maybe it might be completed in time for Magic Kingdoms centennial?

Brian11 days ago

Apparently, they're going to amortize the cost across two quarters.

Disstevefan111 days ago

Maybe they are using the same crew for both this and Moana and they just work a little on this one, then a little on that one, ya know switch back and forth. They can save $$$ that way. It doesn’t matter how long they take on anything, folks are still showing up.