Cinderella Coach pumpkins added to the fall decor at Magic Kingdom

Sep 13, 2021 in "Main Street, U.S.A."

Cinderella Coach pumpkin wreaths in the hub at Magic Kingdom
Posted: Monday September 13, 2021 10:51am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

As part of 'The World's Most Magical Celebration,' the hub at Magic Kingdom has been decorated with new Cinderella Coach pumpkins.

The new decor circles the hub attached to the lamp posts at the entrances to each of the park's lands.

Disney has been adding a number of 50th anniversary touches to Main Street U.S.A., including the golden finish on the clock and lamp posts, and the Fab 50 statue collection.

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mikejs7812 days ago

That's also assuming the stadium was filled to capacity - which it rarely was even close.

Animaniac93-9812 days ago

The window of opportunity to substantially increase park capacity was 15-20 years ago. They decided instead to invest billions into a shell game to avoid having to do so...only to have to reluctantly build more rides anyway. With Disney's glacial pace of construction and outrageous spending, I have no idea what it would take to truly make the kinds of capacity improvements the parks need. The new rides added over the last few years have not really addressed this as its been mostly repeal and replace. Then there's pointless construction projects like the EPCOT spine which don't even accomplish what they claim to do. They fired everyone who had the industry knowledge and skill to pull off projects like the Euro Disney capacity increase of 1993-1994, and it will likely take a major shakeup to finally end the bloated, confused mess of current WDI and its superiors. There really is no short term solution to this problem besides capping attendance and/or raising prices further (and not just hikes here and there, but a total restructuring of admission guidelines).

Sir_Cliff12 days ago

You do make a reasonable point that they have not been doing literally nothing in recent years to increase capacity. To me, though, the response just looks wildly tilted in the direction of micromanaging crowds rather than anything that looks like a coordinated effort to deal with capacity issues. In that regard, they seem to have lost sight of the fact people are supposed to be on vacation when suggesting all these aps and reservation systems to help manage capacity that I can't imagine anyone would come up with if their end goal was to build an enjoyable theme park destination. In other words, they seem to have sat down and developed a detailed plan to manage guest movements in response to capacity issues that, I would argue, verges on being indifferent to guest experience. I don't see a similar detailed plan to build capacity across the parks, more just attractions here and there in parks that generally remain under built.

MisterPenguin12 days ago

The car stunt show hosted 15,000 people per day, and only on days when there were three and not two shows, and only on days when it wasn't cancelled because the ground was wet. But people barely consider a *show* as part of park's capacity because they're so ride-centric, and you want to count a seasonal walk-thru (Osborne) as part of capacity? OK. Considering how some deride the new walk-thru attraction in EPCOT (JoW) as not really an *attraction,* I'm not sure how we square the faux cityscape and Osborne lights as "an attraction" worthy of including in any capacity count. Anyway, the two new rides in SWL, in a 10 hour day, added capacity for over 30,000 people. Then there is also SDD and Aliens, and the 50% capacity addition to TSM. And the only *ride* that was sacrificed was Back Lot Tour, which closed on its own accord previously under the weight of DHS not being a movie studio any more.

UNCgolf12 days ago

Ratatouille, Tron, and Pandora are adds, but TSL and Galaxy's Edge replaced things too. They were a clear net add overall, but not as much as they could have been (although the whole Backlot Tour area had to go, so it's not the same as replacing something like GMR). They also keep closing/removing other things that help fill guest time. Streetmosphere, themed shops with unique merchandise, etc. -- EPCOT still has less capacity now, even after Guardians and Rat, than it did 25-30 years ago. Regardless, a big part of the problem is that they sat on their hands and did nothing for nearly a decade, so they're still trying to play catch-up. Attendance didn't stop rising just because they weren't building any new attractions.

Bocabear13 days ago

Well, the two attractions listed from Pandora came online 5 years ago in a park desperate for more offerings...At the point they announced Pandora, the park was considered a half day park by many... The Star Wars and Carsland Additions caused the loss of two attractions, and added some capacity to another park that had dwindled down to 5, again they HAD to start adding attractions back to that park. In Epcot is is nice to have Ratatouille added to the lineup in a pavilion where it actually makes sense. Other than that there is no added capacity that isn't just a replacement. Tron for the Magic Kingdom is an addition...while they shuttered the Stitch attraction ( it was pretty awful) without any net gain -0-...

HauntedPirate13 days ago

You know the answer to that question. And I disagree. They may have been crazier some days, but people were free to move, without restriction, if one park was too busy. You also had parks running most/all of their available capacity in all phases - attractions, shows, food, etc. Of course, they also ramped up the marketing (and prices) for a decade-plus without increasing capacity in a meaningful way…

drizgirl13 days ago

They closed a bunch of stuff in DHS to make room for SW, including a high capacity many times daily show. And a seasonal but very high capacity show in Osborne lights. And how about the backlot tour?

drizgirl13 days ago

I don’t get it either. People just give Disney a pass on this. People say they are just so far behind there’s nothing they can do. Well yes it’s hard when you mostly just replace stuff. This is a conscious choice not to want to pay for, maintain and operate net new attractions.

Stevie Amsterdam13 days ago

Would Ratatouille, Tron, FoP, NRJ, Slinky, RotR and MFSR not fall in that category? I get that GotG, FEE, MMRR and Tiana are replacing other rides, but it isn't like Disney is sitting on their hands?

Sir_Cliff13 days ago

What seems so unusual to me about this is that all the discussion around dealing with demand seems to be around capping attendance and little to none around increasing capacity. I get that when demand outstrips supply by so much that part of the conversation will involve raising pricing to a point that genuinely reflects what the market will bear. It just seems that all Disney has up its sleeve are price increases, capacity caps of various kinds, and complicated algorithms to help them control and limit demand. Increasingly supply doesn't really seem in the picture.

mikejs7813 days ago

Did you go to the parks in 2019? They were crazier than now.

HauntedPirate13 days ago

If park hopping restrictions were in place, yes. Funny how things weren't madhouse-crazy so often before Covid... 🤔

FutureCEO13 days ago

The Magic Kingdom and MGM would even be more of a madhouse (even more than now) if Disney didn't cap attendance.