Disney adds temporary crowd control fencing at Magic Kingdom main entrance ahead of fireworks return

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Temporary crowd control fencing at Magic Kingdom main entrance
Posted: Wednesday June 30, 2021 2:42pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World is preparing for the return of fireworks at the Magic Kingdom with a grid of temporary crowd control barriers at the park's main entrance.

The barriers are located on both sides of the entrance plaza for guests arriving and departing via monorail, busses, or ferry boats.

According to the Disney Park Pass availability calendar, the Magic Kingdom is at capacity for all categories of park guests for the next week.

Nightly fireworks are returning to the park for the first time in more than a year, with 'Happily Ever After' debuting on July 1.

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Squishy3 days ago

Was really noticeable last night during the start of the show.

Giss Neric3 days ago

At least it's only fireworks. Meanwhile in Disneyland...

wdwmagic4 days ago

Those early closes have been on the calendar for a while, will be interesting to see what comes of it, if anything.

SoFloMagic4 days ago

One cast appreciation party and one Corp buyout? Wouldn't it be cool if it meant we got to see HEA perimeters again?

mnelson34 days ago

Kevin_W5 days ago

I agree with everything you said, except that I actually really like the pop intro song as well. I remember seeing it the first time when it was fairly new and the crowd response to the build-up to Tink flying out of the castle was amazing.

mnelson35 days ago

Also some of the brand new lights on the Harmonious barges were already removed for some reason and the show hasn’t even debuted yet. Still no lasers either.

ChristianG5 days ago

HEA has consistently had these issues with all of its lights. I remember whole sets of lights were physically removed from the moat a couple years ago for maintenance, I even posted about it somewhere on this site at the time. They should come back, hopefully in time for the final performance.

MisterPenguin5 days ago

If the 50th fireworks is heavily tied into the idea of a 50th anniversary, then after 18 months of it, it should come to an end and be replaced by something else. Most likely HEA or HEA 2.0.

marni19715 days ago

The MSEP for all intents and purposes has been ended in both US parks now 3 times. I’ve got a little lightbulb in a cardboard box from when it glowed away forever. The second time.

Touchdown5 days ago

People in DL were shocked to learn DL Forever was going to end and never come back after DL’s 60th anniversary was over back in summer 2016. Yet it came back summer 2019.

marni19715 days ago

Never say never.

flynnibus6 days ago

I hated the pop intro song for HEA, but besides that I think it's one of the best MK shows they've put together.. it screams Disney DNA to me and besides maybe 2 short segments I think are below the bar, the show is a knockout IMO. The choreography of the different elements (lasers, spots, projection, and fireworks) is the best yet IMO and doesn't reek of just 'tech showoff' which some of the earlier shows really suffered. Several of the projection shows really blew, and the spot light and wing turret integration wasn't nearly as strong in early shows as it is in HEA (again IMO). I think it has some of the best wow moments in the castle/fireworks integration and projection elements. Segments like the Genie bit will be standouts forever. Sure it may not have as much high altitude stuff as some prior shows, but I think they've really learned how to use the speciality and low altitude stuff to great effect. Yes, the more perimeter the better in the wow factor deptment which some shows get to leverage where HEA doesn't.. but I don't think HEA disappoints in the fireworks aspect. Sure the show built upon elements flushed out in earlier progressive shows - but it's like the pinnacle of the format I think and comes out as a whole polished piece and not just a show-off of gizmos. If they just didn't have that pop song intro... (the finale piece of it isn't as bad to me as the opening number) it would be a show I'd praise up and down w/o any doubt. It's still the best MK show to date I think. It just works all the elements together so well.. the soundtracks, the direction, the tech integration, the choreography, the impact moments, etc. I will truly be sad to see it go and I think Disney has really big shoes to fill.

Vinnie Mac6 days ago

That last sentence really reminded me of Wishes... If HEA is FITS 2000, will Disney Enchantment be Wishes..?