UPDATED 4pm - Magic Kingdom reopens to all guests after closing earlier due to reaching capacity

Dec 29, 2015 in "Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Tuesday December 29, 2015 11:52am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff


The Magic Kingdom has reopened to all guests after the earlier capacity closing.

UPDATE 11:45am

As of 11:45am, the Magic Kingdom has closed to some guests due to reaching capacity at level Phase A.

This means that guests with single day Magic Kingdom tickets are not being admitted at this time.

All other parks are currently operating as normal.

Those guests being denied entry to the Magic Kingdom are being given a coupon for free parking at one of the other parks, along with free quick service dining at one of the other three parks for up to 6 guests.

Read more about the various levels of phase closing.

Phase A Closing

No admission of guests with one day tickets, and no admission of guests even with FastPass+ reservations unless they have one of the following:

  • WDW Resort Guests, including The Four Seasons Resort, Swan, Dolphin or Shades of Green, Hotel Plaza Boulevard hotels arriving by bus (Best Western Lake Buena Vista Resort Hotel, The Buena Vista Palace, DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel, B Resort, Wyndham Lake Buena Vista Resort, Hilton), Golden Oak residents and guests.
  • WDW Premier Passport, Annual & Premium Passholders
  • Guests with Park Hopper tickets re-entering or crossing over from another WDW Theme Park
  • Guests with Memory Maker
  • Guests with dining reservations
  • Magic Kingdom Guests with reservations for Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, Harmony Barber Shop or The Pirates League.
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pugJan 05, 2016

Left at 3:00 am nye and there was like no traffic

RalphlawJan 04, 2016

They plan on it once he's old enough. A few years back they had lunch with an Imagineer, and they still talk about it.

JoeCamelJan 04, 2016

If they liked it that much you should do the Backstage Magic tour.

RalphlawJan 04, 2016

We did MK midnight fireworks on December 30th and Epcot on the 31st. Generally positive all around, although I too am not a fan of these big name DJ's. I'm 50, and I really don't see how these celebrity DJs are worth the huge money that they charge. Most of the time, it's the same music that you hear at most wedding receptions. Maybe their blather is better, but I was just . . . annoyed about it. Yeah, I guess I'm getting old. Nevertheless, the fireworks were truly amazing, and Disney seemed to do a really good job at managing the crowds. One of the perks at Epcot on NYE is the chance to go backstage. They open extra exit paths around areas of World Showcase for purposes of crowd control. For my wife and son, it made their top 10 lists of cool things that happened on this trip.

prberkJan 04, 2016

All of this reminds me when New Year's Eve was a big thing daily at Pleasure Island.

miamiviceJan 02, 2016

Thanks I think our plan may work if we ever do make it over for nye. Dont think i could last all day in the park

wdwmagicJan 02, 2016

This explains it all. http://www.wdwmagic.com/park-closing-phases.htm MK was mainly at Phase A and occasionally B for 2015 holidays.

miamiviceJan 02, 2016

Thanks for all of the reporting. I always enjoy watching the crowd levels go up (when at home) and how disney handles this. Through all this though, am i right in thinking if that you stayed in a disney resort and had tickets for the time you are there (not just day tickets) then you could pretty much have gone to the magic kingdom at any time and got in? Or would you also ned a dining reservation to make sure?

disney4life2008Jan 02, 2016

Wow this picture is beautiful

MickeyCBJan 02, 2016

Last night and again tonight I have very much enjoyed and appreciate everyone's reporting on the festivities/crowds and fun! I am home in Pittsburgh jealous I'm not there, but also a little relieved. Watching all the crowd photos, crazy traffic pics and all is a little on the morbidly fascinating side! I hope you all had fun and maybe one year I will get up the nerve to have a new years eve adventure! I was thinking a way to survive might be to pay the money it would take to have a magic kingdom facing room at Baylake!

DVC91Jan 01, 2016

Now that the dust has settled, the firework cinders are snuffed out, and the beer is (hopefully) out of my system, my feelings on EPCOT for New Year's Eve were vastly positive. The gf and I did MK last year, didn't have problems getting since we got there for the first ferry over, but it was an absolute mob scene and from what I remember the CMs were either very flustered, annoyed, some other version of negative and weren't too keen to keep it under the surface. I'm glad to hear that that generally wasn't the issue this year. This, being my first NYE in EPCOT, I wasn't sure what to expect. We got there around 3pm and had no trouble getting in, parked fairly close to the gate, and while the wait times for rides were long and there were definitely crowds, it didn't seem to get really packed until maybe 7pm, give or take. I figured the "Dance Parties" we're going to be like those generic ones you see during the Christmas party, or at the stage in Disney Springs, but I was genuinely impressed by the varied performances throughout the park. I feel like I caught a couple repeated themes from the DJs that I heard (didn't do the silent one... Already waited 25min for my gf's margarita in Mexico so I wasn't about to wait again in those crowds) so I'm not sure if they were playing their own sets, or if there were parameters that they were adhering to. I'm not big into that kind of music, so unfortunately I'm not very knowledgable on it. I loved the music at the American pavilion. I watched from the back of the amphitheater and seeing not only the band literally grooving and moving together on stage but seeing the guests cutting the rug like there was no tomorrow brought a huge smile to my face. I got a little dance in and showed some of the skills I've picked up at my history of Phish shows (commence jokes. Go ahead :) ) and really enjoyed the energy there. The lasers in Italy were intense (the last time I saw Illuminations was last year so THAT also blew me away), and the dragon and pyrotechnics in China were very cool. I walked by the Africa pavilion and a guest put on a show on the drums which the crowds seemed to enjoy as well. I would say the CMs ranged from slightly annoyed to totally into the celebration, so while we'd love to have 100% commitment, I'll take what I can get compared to last year. I was able to meet a friend from my WoW days (about a decade ago) in person for the first time so that was great, and unfortunately I couldn't see a friend that was on his last shift for the college program over near Mouse Gear. Got a spot in Germany and could see some of the MK fireworks to the left of SSE, and could just barely make out the fireworks from DHS from behind the trees and the Italy pavilion. The New Year countdown fireworks really gave me a sense of perspective, and the Auld Lang Syne section of the show blew me away. All in all, a very positive experience, and while I try not to fanboi and be objective, there really were few complaints. Even the drunk people were generally bearable. Except those that had those stupid a** kazoos and were making as much noise as possible during the fireworks shows. And, as already discussed in this thread, leaving the parking lot was a total disaster. No need to reiterate any of that. Anyway. Take it for what you will! Just my two cents on the evening

CrazydisneyfanlukeJan 01, 2016

They were not allowing any mk traffic yo leave the exit road. Only busses.

disney4life2008Jan 01, 2016

This was my first time at the magic kingdom on nye and i was mortified going into it. Having successfully spent the 4th of July at the magic kingdom i knew to expect the worse in terms of crowds. The cast members from start (parking plaza) at 1pm to the tram driver at 330am were absolutely amazing! The bottom line, if you want to get into the magic kingdom do not arrive at noon and expect to get in. They only allowed aps and resort guests. Or wait until later in the evening by 9pm the crowds had died down. Doesn't help though, main street was closed by 930pm and traffic was being directed backstage towards the exits. Wait times were horrible. Yes! But honestly very manageable. If you plan fp+ accordingly you can see all the major rides early in the day when waits are at it highest. Space was at 3+ at one point. I didn't do any of the major ride but rather did shows and high capacity rides from 2pm until 8pm which had low wait times of 45 minutes or less. By 9pm the crowds had dispersed and wait times significantly decreased given everyone heading to main street. 4th of july getting food at quick service places was horrible. To my surprise at Columbia harbour the process was organized and fast and I found a table quickly. Same with cosmic rays and waits at other qs and cart locations were organized as well. I claimed my spot along main street at 1030pm ready to give up. My feet were in pain. But the cms working the emporium kept screaming out happy new year your almost there rallying people to enjoy the last 90 minutes of 2015. One note the dj was played all over the park, he was horrible! Honestly, the fireworks are a blur. Had i not recorded it i would not have remembered them. They were beautiful but i was so tired all i wanted was my bed. Post fireworks, every exit of magic kingdom opened and i kid you not the park was a ghost town by 1230am. Wait times for all attractions were 20 minutes or less. The overwhelming majority were 5 minutes. I got my second wind and was able to do pirates, splash, and big thunder. At 2am closing, the crowds headed to the monorail which i don't know why people take on a night like this? The ferry had 3 running and the crowds were massive on both options. I left mk around 215pm i did not ger to my car until 315pm but that is pretty normal for a busy day. It was an amazing day! I normally do not compliment cms often because i would be doing it all the time but i will write Disney about the cms on nye. They all did an amazing job to make me as a solo guest on nye feel part of the family. Happy 2016!!

RedDadJan 01, 2016

Crowds were certainly insane the last 2 days. Much worse than Christmas Day. Staying at the Swan was a huge bonus for NYE at Epcot. Watched the first Illuminations from Rose and Crown, then the NYE version from Japan. We were back in our beds by12:45. Totally worth the price of a couple nights. Overall, we were pleasantly surprised by the crowds right around Xmas, but they got steadily worse starting 12/28. 12/30 and 12/31 were ridiculous but we were prepared.