Selfie stick ban at Walt Disney World to begin June 30

Jun 26, 2015 in "Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Friday June 26, 2015 7:48am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Selfie Sticks will be a thing of the past at Walt Disney World from June 30 2015.

Disney is adding the selfie stick to the list of items that are not permitted into the parks. The ban extends the existing policy of not allowing selfie sticks to be used on rides.

All four Walt Disney World parks are included in the new policy, along with the water parks and DisneyQuest.

Guest Relations will be on hand to tag any selfie sticks for storage during the day, with a claim ticket given to the guest for pickup on exiting the park.

Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland will be joining the new policy from July 1 2015.

A selfie stick is defined as an extendable pole that attaches a camera device for self portrait photography. They are typically extendable to a few feet in length.

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JahonaJul 22, 2016

I've used it at both WDW and Disneyland since the ban was enacted. Since it doesn't extend and is really just a grip for the camera they allowed it. Most of the time I was just stopped and asked if it extended. When I pulled on the handle to show it didn't I was told to carry on. I also got a lot of Cast Members that were interested in it. Seeing it in action is kinda cool.

TomHendricksJul 22, 2016

You were allowed to continue to use your 3 Axis Gimbal? I have one too and was thinking about bringing it on our next trip. However with the Selfie Stick ban, I was a bit concerned.

DisneyDreamer08Jul 21, 2016

Our daughter's 1st Disney trip was in Dec 2014, prior to the selfie stick ban. Our very first ride of her trip was on Splash Mountain. We barely got going (I think we were at the first outdoor section) and our boat stopped. The next few behind us stopped too and bumped into us, pretty hard. After waiting for a minute or two, a CM came out and asked the people in the boat a few behind us to put their selfie stick away. We got going soon after that but had to stop one other time before the big hill to evenly space the boats (I'm guessing). We were so bummed our daughters first ever Disney ride was interrupted because of a selfie stick!

21stampsJul 21, 2016

I don't think other theme parks care either. What they do care about though is another guest being hit by your cell phone or camera. Oh wow. Definitely learned something new! Yeah, that's surprising. Definitely try it again!

JahonaJul 21, 2016

Stayed at POR last year and noticed some of the tour groups had them walking around. I never noticed one at the pool, although I was only there a few times. I had a 3 Axis Gimbal stick with me that was constantly asked if it was a selfie stick and extended, but that was only at the parks.

GoofyernmostJul 20, 2016

They probably don't really care if you lose or ruin your camera, but, they do not want the publicity of having a five year old with a selfie stick impaled in his chest.

DisneyJoeJul 20, 2016

It already exists.

Biff215Jul 20, 2016

Last summer, shortly after the ban, I had my GoPro with small float attached in the Poly pool. I was asked by a lifeguard to take it out of the pool. I asked why, and they referred to it as a selfie stick. I could have argued it with a manager but chose not to. A little tough to keep track of the GoPro without it, but we survived. We leave tomorrow for BC so I may try it again.

Cesar R MJul 20, 2016

I think you forgot the new craze.. the "dog" filter and the old yet still infamous duck face on everything.

21stampsJul 20, 2016

In about 10 minutes I'm heading to a theme park. Ours has very strict rules on No Cameras/Phones Out while on rides, because of the things you mentioned. I don't know why WDW doesn't enforce that. I've seen plenty of people online post photos that they took while on a rollercoaster.

GoofyernmostJul 20, 2016

I don't believe that crowds had anything to do with the decision. In fact, when taking pictures outside it actually takes up less space to use a selfie-stick then to have someone else take your picture the conventional way. The main problem was that people were using them on rides and that is dangerous and causes many ride stops due to them hitting something or being dropped out of the ride vehicles.

21stampsJul 20, 2016

Ha ha! Unfortunately that's probably coming soon. Much to my child's dismay- I'm not on board the drone I keep debating on buying the new GoPro hero session- but the required use of a phone with it intimidates me. I'm in camera limbo right now..keep checking out photos on this site to help me decide.

note2001Jul 20, 2016

You needed the newest iteration of the selfie stick: the drone paired up to a water resistant phone. ;)

21stampsJul 20, 2016

Sorry, had to post one more photo- battle scars from climbing the rock.. Which makes a non existent photo even worse ;). The swim back to less deep water, with a 5 year old, while bleeding and hoping that no hungry sharks were around, was the fastest I've probably ever