GQ Style magazine publishes first ever menswear fashion shoot at Walt Disney World Resort

Mar 22, 2017 in "Magic Kingdom"

GQ Style magazine menswear fashion shoot at Walt Disney World Resort
Posted: Wednesday March 22, 2017 7:12am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

British magazine, GQ Style, has conducted the first ever menswear fashion shoot at Walt Disney World Resort.

In the shot above, model Julian Schneyder wears a white cotton and linen Dolce & Gabbana suit with Topman Design loafers, shot at Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in Fantasyland.

The shoot was styled by GQ Style editor Luke Day, and photographed by Doug Inglish at the Magic Kingdom. Shoot locations included Cinderella Castle, Storybook Circus, and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

Disney characters Donald Duck and the Seven Dwarfs appear alongside model Julian Schneyder.

The spring summer issue of British GQ Style, is on sale now.

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FoodRockzMar 28, 2017

Just there this past weekend and my family was disappointed to only find x3 pairs of man capris. Zero murses co-occured though.

21stampsMar 27, 2017

Although I'm a Capri fan.. I'm not a Capri + Man Purse fan.. However-- I would not complain about running in to this man at WDW. I love him. Manbag or not. ;) Sperry's? Toms? These are no sock shoes. Nike's- keep the socks on for the good of anyone around when you take them off :)

StitchonMar 27, 2017

why are we talking about gender dynamics and parenting in this hecking thread

tirianMar 27, 2017

I'm more curious why Disney would want to be associated with the content in GQ. I regularly read the mag and never expected to see a Disney character in it because of "character integrity." (It's a term Disney throws around to ensure its IPs never cross certain lines.)

draybookMar 26, 2017

Because it's public and people are allowed to have opinions? Just like I think that anyone who wears crap like that is a fool. I also couldn't care less about "men's fashion", especially in a family driven vacation destination.

surfsupdonMar 26, 2017

I don't wear capri's, but I also don't own cargo's lol. Seriously tho, in the evenings at Disney, I will wear shoes sans socks, bow or neckties, with button downs. Sophisticated surfer here :)

Mr Ferret 88Mar 24, 2017

#blameshanghai ;)

LaketravisMar 23, 2017

I don't know whose "fault" it is.........parents who dress their young boys in girls clothes, maybe? Or just an overall lack of physical activity that levels a simple strength test among both genders? I said that talk of men wearing women's clothing reminded me of that article. I wasn't attempting to analyze it or determine liability :)

MisterPenguinMar 23, 2017

If the premise of this article is true, then whose fault is it? Oh, yeah. The many men of the previous generation who didn't teach their sons the joys of manual labor. I guess they failed in their manliness to teach their sons manliness. Or... it's because of the rise of the middle class and modern technical engineering that men (and women) are doing less manual labor, more technical and service-oriented work, and have less of a need to do physical grunt work for ordinary tasks. Either way, the article about grip strength has a lot of caveats regarding what conclusions could be drawn, none of them given due consideration by the National Review ideologue. A concern about being physically fit is a valid concern, lest we all become like the inhabitants of the space cruiser in WALL*E. It doesn't need to be wrapped in gender war ideology. You need to experiment with different types of shoes. Classical shoes would chew up your ankles with no socks and foot-sweat would build up on the non-porous inner sole making them feel constantly slipper. The ones in the fashion shoot are designed to be stretch-fitted and worn like slippers. They're made to go sock-less with cushiony, absorbent inner linings.

Hidalgo63Mar 23, 2017

You win, You win !!! lol

Mr Ferret 88Mar 23, 2017


MightyMouseMar 23, 2017

Radom thought... why no socks? I can't wear shoes without socks. :confused:

LaketravisMar 23, 2017

Talk of men wearing capris brought this article to mind: Men Are Getting Weaker - Because We're Not Raising Men

MansionButler84Mar 23, 2017

The GQ readership.