Rope Drop entry process returns to Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

Jun 22, 2021 in "Magic Kingdom"

Magic Kingdom rope drop June 22 2021
Posted: Tuesday June 22, 2021 7:43am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The rope drop park entry procedure has returned to Magic Kingdom today following a lengthy pause of the process during the COVID-19 reopening phase.

The new process means that guests are now held in the hub at one of several ropes leading to each of the Magic Kingdom lands.

With a posted 8am opening time, the first guests can arrive at the park via Disney transportation at around 7:15am, and guests parking at the TTC arrive at the tap-styles around 7:30am.

Guests can then walk Main Street U.S.A. and wait at one of the ropes to enter a land. All attractions now open at the official posted opening time, which for this month is 8am. Watch the video below to see the new rope drop at Magic Kingdom.

Disney's Animal Kingdom, Disney's Hollywood Studios are all now also using the same rope drop process.

Prior to today, guests were able to enter the entire park prior to the official park openings and ride some attractions prior to the official opening time.

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pdude81Aug 14, 2021

Got into Pandora at 730 today as expected but nothing running in Pandora yet as of 745 Update: queue allowed past marquee at 748. May have just taken a while to get the ride up this morning

LilofanAug 12, 2021

It is always a good feeling when the park can surprise open to guests standing on line.

DisneyDreamer08Aug 12, 2021

Read a FB post from someone who was at DHS yesterday. They were let in at 8:10, rides opened at 8:30 (for a 9am opening). I am looking forward to the start of early entry so that true rope drop returns. I would be so stressed if I thought I arrived in time for rope drop only to find the park was already open.

PreemiemamaAug 09, 2021

From what I've read on another forum, yes this is still the case in those 3 parks as of yesterday. I'm not sure for people who drive, but RD for FOP is about 30 minutes prior to park opening.

havoc315Aug 09, 2021

Any updates on other parks? AKL -- What time are they letting people on to FOP? What time is the parking lot opening for those that drive, for ubers? MK -- Still held till official parking opening? Epcot? Still also about 20-30 minutes before park opening?

PreemiemamaAug 09, 2021

They open the queues and allow people on about 30 minutes prior to official opening, so at 8:30 you should have been walking right into line.

PhicinfanAug 09, 2021

So, just got back from WDW, and we only did rope drop one day at DHS. There was no rope drop. We got into the park at 8:30 am, and walked right into the line for MMRR. No one blocking the entrances or anything. It was really interesting.

doctornickAug 09, 2021

For anyone who has been recently, do these reports still seem accurate? Or has anything changed (I’m wondering specifically with the new mask changes though it doesn’t seem to have affected social distancing)?

EPICOTJul 24, 2021

For an 8am MK open, will they be letting people into the park before 8 with rides opening right at 8?

PreemiemamaJul 20, 2021

We were on a bus every morning for those openings. We were at the stop 90 minutes ahead and all but one day (and we're not really sure what happened that day to the bus) we had a bus with few other families on it about 70-80 minutes ahead of opening. So, AK for example, we were on a bus by 6:45 and able to enter the park at 7.

pdude81Jul 20, 2021

It's harder if you drive as they weren't letting you through until an hour before opening as of a few weeks ago. I assume nothing has changed. Disney transportation is always running earlier if you get out to the stops in time.

doctornickJul 20, 2021

Does Disney transportation run early enough to make any of these? Or, conversely, are you able to make them if you drive (i.e. are you allowed in early enough to park and make it)?

iowamomof4Jul 20, 2021

Thank you!