Work begins on the Partners statue at Magic Kingdom

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Partners statue refurbishment - July 21 2021
Posted: Thursday July 22, 2021 7:44am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Guests at the Magic Kingdom this week are being greeted with an usual site in the center of the park's hub where the Partners statue is being refurbished.

The iconic centerpiece in the center of the hub has been stripped down to bare metal, where it will next be cleaned and a new layer of patina added, followed by a protective polymer and wax.

The work is being done on-stage during the overnight hours, with the statue remaining in place.

In the statue sculpted by Imagineering legend Blaine Gibson and installed in 1995, Walt is depicted as the visionary, pointing toward the future and leading the way for Mickey Mouse, Walt's creation.

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DCBaker1 day ago

Video from Imagineering of the completed work -

celluloid7 days ago

Thankfully it still looks clean at the moment as if they made sure to strip it clean overnight and then hopefully coat it a layer at a time completely so it never looks too shabby. Something I really like is how it seems you can get a feel for those Blaine sculpted details.

HauntedPirate11 days ago

Even I would sit back and enjoy those meltdowns. 😉Not that the backlash wouldn’t be warranted, but send it to GR. Or to The Zach on Instagram. 😂

Father Robinson11 days ago

How long does this sort of thing take?

Allee198011 days ago

It’s the symbol for the Smoke Tree Ranch. It’s a place in Palm Springs where Walt would go and relax.

LittleBuford11 days ago

I didn’t know either! I asked my partner, who knows Chinese, and he looked into it for me!

KrazyKat11 days ago

You learn something new every day! I had no idea. Thanks LittleBuford!

LittleBuford11 days ago

KrazyKat11 days ago

I never noticed the logo on Walt’s tie before. Is that Chinese?

James Alucobond11 days ago

Haha, I don't think it'll actually happen. It'll just make people go nuclear if it does.

HauntedPirate11 days ago

I’ll be sending an email to GR if they go that route. Hopefully someone with a functioning brain cell made the right decision and it comes out looking how it did, just refreshed.

James Alucobond12 days ago

I’m here for the meltdowns if it’s rose gold or EARidescent.

yensidtlaw196912 days ago

The real question is . . . will it be GOLD??