Disney Parks to unveil new marketing campaign - 'Unforgettable Happens Here'

Sep 21, 2015 in "Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Monday September 21, 2015 2:19pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney is about to begin a major new national marketing campaign for both Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort.

'Unforgettable Happens Here' is the main message, and will make extensive use of Social Media, highlighting moments that families and friends share together in the parks.

Look out for the first commercials airing this week on Disney's TV channels, including ABC and Disney Channel.

The new campaign will replace the 'Disney Side' message from the past few years.

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dstrawn9889Sep 25, 2015

maybe you came in Via Western Way? there is a sizable McD's outside of the entrance to the All Stars complex... in front of the fire station

slappy magooSep 25, 2015

Unaffordable Happens Here

Tony the TiggerSep 25, 2015

Dessert happens here!!

French QuarterSep 25, 2015

There used to be a McDonalds in DTD and they served McDonalds fries at kiosks in the park. And then there's the big McDonalds outside of DTD but still on property.

WDWYankee15Sep 25, 2015

The slogan will only be used at three of the parks. DHS' slogan will be either "Forgettable Happens Here" or "Nothing Happens Here." They are still debating based upon how many more things they plan to close. You have to actually experience something to for it to be "Unforgettable!" Perhaps they should go with DHS "Unforgettable WILL Happen Here in 3 - 5 Years."

216bruceSep 25, 2015

Maybe just call it "Expensive Happens here."

brb1006Sep 25, 2015

Speaking of Mcdonalds, I don't know if this was a fake memory or not. But I remember visiting WDW in 2004 and 2006 by driving instead of taking the bus to the resort. I remember seeing a Mcdonalds after you pass the WDW entrance I don't know if it's still there or not but who else seen that besides me? Than again I was little at the time of those two trips.

Tony the TiggerSep 24, 2015

Exactly. Nobody isn't aware of McDonald's, either. But they still run commercials all the time to remind and encourage you to go.

bhg469Sep 23, 2015

I agree completely. It definitely makes things harder for those that need these animals.

Nubs70Sep 23, 2015

I must confess my son peed behind a tree where the new bus area is at MK. We found ourselves in a 7 bus deep line and my son starts to do the "I gotta pee dance" We did ask a nearby cop where's the nearest restroom. He said just hop the rail and go behind the tree. It was THE highlight of my son's trip. Several thousands of dollars spent and his unforgettable moment was peeing behind a tree.

Andrew CSep 23, 2015

That is actually very unfortunate.

bhg469Sep 23, 2015

Or its one of the service dogs I've seen that their only qualification was a vest that said service dog. A good chunk of my summer is setting up and working with a large fair where I live. There were many service dogs this year and rarely were they well behaved or trained..

Andrew CSep 23, 2015

The service dogs I have seen are trained only to use the bathroom in certain places. It must have been a long day for the puppy. :p

BocabearSep 23, 2015

no but she also had a toddler with her....