New traffic light system coming to World Drive near the Magic Kingdom auto plaza

May 19, 2015 in "Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Tuesday May 19, 2015 8:33am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Good news for Disney bus transportation and drivers who frequently use World Drive and Vista Blvd near the Magic Kingdom auto plaza.

Work began yesterday on installing a new traffic light system on the intersection of World Drive and Vista Blvd.

Vehicles heading along World Drive to Vista Blvd from the Contemporary area towards the Magic Kingdom auto plaza frequently encounter long waits trying to cross traffic leaving the auto plaza towards the Contemporary. 

Work on the new light should be complete by the summer, and the roadway is open as normal during the construction.

See the map below for the location of the intersection.

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brb1006Jul 09, 2015

I hope WDW might update the entrance sign for the resort along with the billboards and traffic signs when the resort celebrates it's 50th Anniversary. Not in a bad way, but it feels weird passing by the entrance which has been this way since the early 90's. Here's a history behind them.

MansionButler84Jul 09, 2015

This makes me excited for the future of the company. Just imagine what a company that builds intersections like this can do with Star Wars. I jest. I'm actually excited for this--it used to be a nightmare coming down from Wilderness Lodge to get over toward Epcot or DTD.

Monorail_Red_77Jul 09, 2015

Iger was reported as saying in a recent press release that it is the happiest stop light that ever was. However, he soon retracted his statement and said that the stoplight will soon be refurbished to Disney standards and the Red light will be replaced with a Blue light. He pointed out that even with the cutting edge mickey designed stop light some guests were still not so happy having to stop. :hilarious: :eek: (blue light references the blue light that you see with fastpass+ and at the ticket turnstiles. If there is an error you will see a blue light and not a red light. Disney installed blue lights instead of red so as not to upset guests)

brb1006Jul 09, 2015

It's looks so amazing.:joyfull:

Monorail_Red_77Jul 09, 2015

Here ya go. It's a bit rough looking but I'm sure you get the idea.

roj2323Jul 09, 2015

If anything traffic should flow faster through this intersection now. The approach coming from the auto plaza is now 2 lanes through the intersection whereas it was previously one. (no getting stuck behind a bus) You also don't have to worry so much about hitting another car with a lighted intersection. Additionally the light seemed to be fairly well programed as I didn't see any real backups occurring before the light changed. All in all I think it was a great (affordable) solution to a problem intersection.

PhotoDave219Jul 09, 2015

This is reflected all through society and not necessarily just at Disney. It's reflected by every time you're out in public and someone randomly stops and blocks the way or is oblivious to everyone around them. Best observed in the supermarket.

Next Big ThingJul 09, 2015

I think traffic flow CMs will always be necessary because people are stupid.

UnpluggedJul 09, 2015

I get what you're saying, so no worries, but I think too much was read into my statements. I was referring to the fact that if the parking lot is emptied efficiently, then the possibility exists that the same man hours may not be required as assigned to traffic flow and such. I realize CMs in the parks are a completely different topic. No harm, no foul. :)

UnpluggedJul 09, 2015

I don't hate infrastructure at all. In fact, I think a proper clean-up and modernization of that area is a great idea. I simply acknowledge how big business operate. Most won't spend money because they can, they will simply spend it when it's identified as required and they can justify it. My comments targeted what it would take for them to spend in this situation. The stop light investment was to reduce liability through safety, commendable but realistically required. I'm all good with it.

Next Big ThingJul 09, 2015

Really you can't realistically upkeep a park like MK or any WDW park from one day to the next and expect to cut the hours after park close. Do supervisors try to get you out as fast as possible? Sure. But the work has to be fully done before that's "possible", which is, in some positions, an hour to an hour and a half after closing. There's no money they can save money on CM's doing any work like this. There's some corners you just can't cut.

brb1006Jul 09, 2015

The individual three lights

PhotoDave219Jul 09, 2015

You could easily find a gobo - similar to that of a directional arrow - in the shape of a Mickey Mouse head.

psherman42Jul 08, 2015

Do you mean like...the three lights form one giant Mickey head or each individual light is a Mickey head? :)