Magic Kingdom closing at 4:30pm for an event in January 2022

19 days ago in "Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Wednesday November 17, 2021 11:32am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom will be closing at 4:30pm on January 25 2022 to accommodate a private event for Cast Members.

The event is for a Cast Member service celebration that was originally planned for 2020 and postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Operating hours on January 25 2022 for day guests are just 9am to 4:30pm. The early close, of course, means no fireworks for day guests.

Options for guests following the early Magic Kingdom close include EPCOT which is open until 9pm, Disney's Animal Kingdom until 7pm, and Disney's Hollywood Studios until 9pm.

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JohnD16 days ago

Lilofan18 days ago

Making a ridiculous point?

JohnD18 days ago

Gee. Like I didn't know that. Ever heard of illustrating a point?

Nick_A18 days ago

Literally no one said that.

UNCgolf19 days ago

Oh is it only 60 days to make ADRs now? I thought it was 90 days. Otherwise, yeah, people probably would be screwed. It's not easy to find available reservations at decent restaurants at WDW.

JohnD19 days ago

“I’m grateful for the CMs but this sucks that you’re inconveniencing me to honor them, WDW.” Sigh

JohnD19 days ago

Reservations can always be found somewhere else. Besides, we’re not even 60 days out so no one is screwed. At 60 days, if someone wants an ADR before 4:30pm, they’ll be available.

Lands of Wonder19 days ago

Not surprised, rather it be the other way around, I’d rather see Enchantment instead of Harmonious.

roj232319 days ago

BTW, If you are Custodial cast and asked if you are willing to work this event, Say yes. It's genuinely one of the most enjoyable special events I ever worked and the opportunities to talk with people who have been with the company for a very very long time is hard to pass up. It's also a pretty laid back day of work as everyone cleans up after themselves.

UNCgolf19 days ago

What about people with dinner reservations? I assume they're all screwed too, because they're unlikely to find a reservation anywhere else. On the other hand, I guess you could argue that Disney is doing them a favor because I'm not sure there's anywhere worth eating dinner at the Magic Kingdom.

Weather_Lady19 days ago

No. Disney's official policy on compensation for early park closures, for guests with a non-hopper ticket, is:

Touchdown19 days ago

I didn’t see any complaints in the thread, I think this is just an FYI to avoid MK that day at night.

Lands of Wonder19 days ago

Does this mean I can go to any other park after on a general admission?

orion5419 days ago

I'm was not nor am mocking the CMs for their service. If I did, I apologize. to any CMs who took offense.