PHOTOS - Walt Disney World's Western Way gateway entrance refurbishment

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Walt Disney World Western Way Gateway refurbishment - November 16 2020

Here is a quick look at the latest progress on the Western Way gateway entrance to Walt Disney World.

Work was held up for a few days during poor weather, but crews are now back adding more detail to the columns and outlining the letters in white.

Permits have also just been filed for the other gateways, so we expect to see work get moving on those in the near future.

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Article Posted: Nov 17, 2020 / 9:17am ET
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LastoneOn5 days ago

Looks nice.

Lands of Wonder5 days ago

I really hope they keep that color scheme, that late 90’s/ millennium color scheme really sucked.

Disone5 days ago

Hopefully when they do that they will also add in the flags.

halltd5 days ago

It’s sooooooo prettttttyyyyyyy! 😀

wdwmagic5 days ago

Makes sense, thanks!

peter114355 days ago

The letters won’t be painted. These are backlit and won’t simply be painted. The red panels will be replaced with white.

SplashZander5 days ago

In terms of paint, the WDW letters were white in the concept art. Unless they changed the plans, that still has to be painted.

wdwmagic5 days ago

PHOTOS - New-look Western Way Gateway entrance paint complete and work well underway on 535 entrance Seems like just the flags and tag line remain to be installed.

gerarar6 days ago

Pictures from BlogMickey this morning. Just like the auto plaza, the blue behind the WDW lettering is a gradient, which I really love imo! Mickey and his final look. Note the background difference between his and Minnie’s, while Donald still has a primer. Source and more here:

halltd9 days ago

Niiiiiiiiice! The blue background for Mickey looks goooooood! I didn’t realize how dated the old version looked until they updated it.

atighe429 days ago

I just really wish they were going back to the original WDW font/logo. But it looks nice.

jmuboy9 days ago

Honestly I actually enjoy this refreshed look. The 1990s VHS colors had become dated looking. I love the iconic signage and the new paint gives it a fresh lease on life.

Lora Baines Bradley10 days ago

Apopka-Vineland progress tonight, 11/20 (ignore pasty arm 😂)

wdwmagic12 days ago

Western Way today